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  2. Cheers loves tracer here. i'm here to tell ya about a great development in the community. For those currently accepted in the comm pilot position but are unaware. you can access long range communications by pressing alt P. secondly to communicate using ur long range freq use the left CTRL and the Caps Lock button at the same time. i hope it helps ya out as the world could always use more heroes Bye
  3. Pilot Conduct: 1: Adhere to the pilot regulations. 2: You must value your own life and the lives of your passengers, flying in a dangerous manner or in any such way that will cause harm or death to yourself and others. 3: You must have tags on when in the commercial pilot slot - [Comm.Pilot] 4: Must have your wings before flying a commercial plane solo. 5: Pilots must obey the Air Traffic rules at all times. 6: If an emergency landing is required you must notify authorities and medics of the location and request clearance. 7: If you choose to transport any illegal items/guns/cargo or passengers in possession thereof you run the risk of being fined by Air Traffic Control or the Police 8: Failure to follow the Air Traffic Rules or the Direction of air traffic control will also result in a fine. 9: Under no circumstance can you fly over and or through a KOS zone, if a KOS zone also appears on the map at random i.e Air Drop - Pilots must deviate their flight path a minimum of 1km around the KOS zone.
  4. Where can you buy the mclaren from and how much is it?
  5. These Standard Rules Apply for all Stages: Always stay under 50m Use of Auto-Hover is prohibited. 3 Strikes in total. Every time one of these rules are broken, a strike is added. 3 Strikes is an immediate fail. Crashing the helicopter is an immediate fail (obviously) Stages of the Course: 1. Take off from the Adelaide Hospital and land on the Melbourne Hospital 2. Fly from the Melbourne Hospital and land inside a tight, wooded round-about to test precise landings. 3. Land and Takeoff on highly inclined terrain safely while avoiding the surrounding forest 4. A second landing ontop of the Melbourne Hospital to complete the course Map of landing location (without the flight from Adelaide to Melbourne)
  6. If you get the GMC Ambulance and the Box Truck (EMS / Medic) and collect peoples blood (Roleplay it out) when your Box Truck is full Take it to any Blood Bank and process it and take it back to the hospital and sell it One Box Truck should make about 214k (that is how much I made) -Dean Twinkletoe
  7. How To Fix Arma 3 Mod Re-download On Workshop by SnipingEmu
  8. Thanks for the new patch, Looks like Raymon Estates will be back in business
  9. Bondi is coming in a map update along with some other new map features
  10. #BringBackTheSandPit
  11. I herd doni beach was getting added along with the new houses can't wait for bondi new hotspot for me
  12. #BringBackTheSandpit
  13. Not seeing anything in here about the Sandpits being returned to all Hospitals across Australia #BringBackTheSandpit
  14. REMOVED - Cop Checkpoints - Navman - DK switches ADDED - Ability to have Gang vehicle skins (enquire with staff) - Navid ammo - 3 more planes for commercial pilot - Freq status to cop menu - Ability to buy a house after a few minutes of a sale - 2 more commercial pilot slots - Added money for commercial pilots per passenger - Jonzie Supra to donor and second hand car shop - 2 months AFK house automated delete - Door breaching charges for cops - supermax maximum time can now be 40minutes FIXED - bug with crates (cant put any more storage in house error) - Gang hideout LSD processing - Restricted weed to be grown near gang hideouts - Can lock commercial plane from inside - Can pay bail only from Supermax prison - Question Dealer bug - pardon not removing stars - removed cop medics - Bolt cut bank restriction - Airdrop KOS larger and stays longer (RULE CHANGE RE THIS ALSO) - Evidence pick up bug
  15. Or its a transformer O_o
  16. HAHAHA I go away for three days for work and I come back to this. @Spectral yeah all good to use it for promo. Yeah idk the guy in the car was dropping in and out, set a uniform for him but it kept disappearing O_o. Maybe it's knight rider or something.
  17. awwww @Turbomanu ruined my csi roleplay grrrrr
  18. My work here is done. - AFP Superintendent Turboman (STAG Commander) (Head CSI)
  19. Doesn't look empty to me...
  20. Maybe they couldn't take it, and ran off. Maybe he is in the boot. Perhaps the guy stole the Cop car, and got a pickup and they are posting it on SM.
  21. love how the cop car is empty. " During the night, the ghost cop car stalks it's fast prey. Some say you could still see the figure of the police officer, who's body disappeared"
  22. RED ZONE Zones marked in RED are kill on sight for those INSIDE the Zone. EDITED from "Cop" to all those inside the Zone for clarity. Gang Hideouts Air Drop Mission Convoy Mission Meth Lab Van Weapons Grade Uranium Illegal Trader Admin Area A red zone (also known as a KOS zone) means all form of hostile action and Roleplay against both Cops and Civilians without the use of proper Declaration is PERMITTED. In order for KOS to be active, you must be within the designated red zone or any form of hostile action without a proper roleplay declaration is STRICTLY PROHIBITED as RDM. ADDED Airdrop & Cartel Money Machine - 5 minutes after the Box/Machine has despawned, the Red Zone will disappear. You MUST Redeclare as normal to carry on Combat, once the Red Zone is gone you risk RDM if you do not have a valid declaration up. Meth Van - Moving the Van to use it as a mobile KOS Zone is not allowed. ADDED HERE AS WELL AS ELSEWHERE IN RULESET Edited 1 minute ago by Spectral Hotfix - Added 5 minute timer edit and despawning 9/3/17 - Spectral
  23. Commercial Pilot Ranks Trainee Pilot: - Must attend an approved flight school. - Minimum of x2 flights. - If you are deemed competent by your trainer then you will be referred to take your wings test. which will be assessed by a Commercial Snr Captain or Commercial Commander. Commercial First Officer: - Once you have completed and passed your wings test you are assigned Commercial First Officer. - You are permitted to fly approved commercial planes only. - You are permitted to carry passengers and on-board cargo only. Commercial Captain: - Commercial Captain is assigned to pilots who can fly both Commercial Planes and Helicopters. - You must take and pass your Helicopter Test/Tests. - Once approved you are permitted to fly approved commercial planes and helicopters. - You are permitted to carry passengers and on-board cargo only. - You are permitted to apply to host your own flight school. Commercial Snr Captain: - Commercial Senior Captain is 2IC for commercial pilots - Disciplinary matters can be refereed to a Snr Captain - Can fly both Commercial Planes and Helicopters. - Can assess Trainee Pilots for their Wings Test. - You are permitted to fly approved commercial planes and helicopters. - You are permitted to carry passengers and on-board cargo only. - You are permitted to host your own flight school. Commercial Commander: - Commander of the commercial pilots and flight schools - Disciplinary matters are to be referred to the commander and will be assessed by the commander + staff - Can fly both Commercial Planes and Helicopters. - Can assess Trainee Pilots for their Wings Test. - Permitted to fly approved commercial planes and helicopters. - Permitted to carry passengers and on-board cargo only. - Permitted to host a flight school.
  24. With the update of teamspeak, the Taskforce Radio Plugin setup has changed as well. If you are installing the TFR plugin into the updated TS version ( please refer to the video below to complete the installation.
  25. I like this photo, it shows what could be a tense moment, or some good RP, or anything else. Maybe the guy in the car is wanted, or robbed the Servo. Are you fine with me using this for the Social Media Charlie? -Spec @Charlie Rogers
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