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  2. +1, kidnaps me and takes me on adventures while doing weird voices while doing so. Good driver, and great at listening.
  3. +1 For me -Dean Twinkletoe
  4. Your name (first name sufficient): Logan Conners In-game name: Mr.Conners GUID: 76561198086639741 Ping: Low 35 Usual 45 High 60 (I am in america that is why it is so high) Age (put your age or the year you were born, do not put your full DOB): 16 2000 Do you have teamspeak 3 and a working microphone: yes Do you have the ability to record your gameplay/audio and upload evidence if required: yes I use OBS and shadowplay Have you read and understood the Medic Rules: yes I have Have you read the Medic SOPs: Yep! Reason for applying for the Medic Team: I want to help the people of Australia by being there when ever someone needs a hello kitty band aid or when there is a shooting and people need to be treated on seen. I just want to be available when ever and where ever I am needed. Also I really want to enjoy some good Role play, im not here for the money, all i want is some fine RP and the ability to help people. Name two white listed medics who can vouch for your ability to RP and play by the server rules (ask them if you can reference them before applying): I only have one right now. Dean Twinketoe How do you feel you can contribute to the Medic Team and what game play skills do you have? First off, i have great role-play skills in almost any situation im put into. Secondly, I have had many hours or experience with the Ems, i have been a chief of ems on dark ares gaming, Sargent on evo, and many other servers i have been part of the ems. I have trained hours of flying helicopters or all shapes and sizes and flying planes on my own time on my own maps, in an active fire zone, in small spaces, threw towns, dense forests , in caves, under bridges, and i can basically put a helli down anywhere you want me to. -MR.CONNERS Before you click off, here's a little bio i wrote. Logan Conners It was a dark and stormy night in San Jose California, the trees were scratching against the window from the wind storm outside, Logan heard a loud BANG his wife was on the floor with blood coming off her chest, Logan rushed over to her and began to bandage her up. Thirty minutes passed, Logan was frantically doing CPR to save his wife. Logan tried to call 911, but the storm blew out the telephone wires. Logan’s backstory was that he was a US Navy Seal and had served in two wars. Logan was trained in CPR and his wife was staying alive, but he couldn't keep her alive for much longer. Thirty five minutes later. Logan’s wife died, all he wanted was revenge on his wife's shooter. One week pasted, Logan was stressed,upset, and depressed. Logan said it's time to change. On Tuesday December 28, Logan drove down to the airport with nothing and flew to Australia. The first day Logan showed up, he met a young man named Zac Brown, a man born and raised in Australia. Zac introduced to to his friend group, they gave him a place to stay and food to eat. Logan told Zac he needed to make a change in his life for the better. Logan said he wanted to become a cop to receive more weapons training and learn how to find his wife's killer. Zac agreed to help, Zac gave Logan 50k and told him to buy car and go to the police station to figure out how to apply to become a cop. Later that day Logan changed his mind about becoming a cop, he was talking to Dean Twinkletoe and he suggested that helping others may get his revenge on his wife killer. Logan took this into consideration so he decided to stop on by the Hospital and get information on becoming an ems. Logan went down to the hospital to talk to the Chief about becoming a medic, he told him about his helicopter training and the training he did in the army. Now we wait to see what the EMS has to say about Logan, Come back next week for the ending -Logan Conners Thanks!!
  5. It cant be a + or a - for me i have not seen you role play around or heard anything about you and maybe get your vouches be for you put a app in or at least one vouch but good luck! -Dean Twinkletoe
  6. Sounds good mate, we hope to see you back on the server when you have got new headphones.
  8. Name (First Name): Josh Date: 19.01.17 Year of Birth: 2000 In-Game Name: Denim Scott Player ID (GUID): 76561198152017022 Current Rank: SConst Desired Rank: SGT Training Officer(s): Mathew, Jessman, Adios, Jarvis, Shadow Trained Officers (if applying for Senior Constable or above): El Chapo, John Snow Gum, Mars Moon, Fuzz, Codes Members of the P.D willing to vouch for your promotion: Sammy, Whiskey, Gandalf Qualifications Acquired (i.e. Wings/SWAT/etc.): N/A Notes/Comments: N/A
  9. +1 Seen Good Rp from him
  10. Seen good RP from him +1
  11. +1 Agreed with Shibby
  12. -1 I have never seen you around.
  13. In-game Name: Mr.Conners Time on the Server: Close to 2 and half months now maybe more, not keeping track Have You Been on a Ride-Along Before: I have been on one, but that was for the police force. Have You Read the Server Rules: Yes! Day and time you would like a ride-along: Is today ok? maybe 3 hours from now? or I can this weekend, I am in PST ( America ) I'm usually on ts so just send me a poke/msg Also do I need a ride along to apply for medic? Just wondering. Thanks! Thank you! -Mr.Conners
  14. -1 not enough time need to learn more
  15. Need more input from active officers before this application gets accepted
  16. So i don't know if many are curious and i've only really told Cain, But i've been absent for quite some time due to my dog eating my headset, as most of the AFP knows i am currently unemployed and dont bring in much money from my dole payments, I did order a new headset which i had issues with and cancelled, and i have yet to be refunded my money after 1 week. I hope i can remedy this soon and get back on the server and join back with my AFP brothers, I do want to progress in the afp aswell, Which i have noticed several of my close friends going up higher in the ranks and it is good to see. Hopefully when i come back the server has less trolls, From what i've seen the Admins are really trying lately. Cheers, Woody.
  17. Even so its a small amount its just annoying with the jonzie vehicles and the small selection of colours its just annoying if you know what i mean
  18. all of the jonzie's vehicles have the ability to have full RGB change but having that option for only a specific amount of vehicles might not make it worthy of implementing. however its still a good idea so +1 yooo
  19. Connor i love your idea my MOST WANTED car in the server is the Holden Commodore Vl 1986 i would donte $50 + Dolloars just to see that in this. List of cars i want to see 1986 Commodore 2015 Commodore 1978 Commodore 2015 Falcon 2013 Falcon ute 60 series Land Crusier I know none of these cars will be added but its what i would love to see what do u think?
  20. I have had alot of cars on this server but i can never seem to find the colour i want because it isnt in the list of colours to choose from, it would be nice to see a Vehicle Painter when u can customize the car's colour to the persons liking i know for some car's this isn't posible but for alot of cars such as the Jonzie Vehicle's it is possible, Obviously this would be free maybe with a $5000 respray or something along those lines! (I would love to the the Nissan GTR Spec V Have this option!)
  21. +1 Cool dude and knows how to lead
  22. Your name (first name sufficient): Michael In-game name: Michael Briefly describe why you would consider yourself a worthy role model for other medics?: i understand all the rules and give ride alongs to alot of good role players (before there was an ride along app). How do you feel you can contribute to medics and what game-play skills do you have?: i bring good role play to the server and interact with civs and have some fun role play with them. Name two white-listed medics who can vouch for your ability to RP and play by the server rules (ask them if you can reference them in this application): Ryhs Holden, whiskey Notes/Comments: i think we should get some medic equipment inside of the hospital and maybe boats or re breathers for people in the water and under.
  23. +1 Spent a few hours with him today - he'll make a fine member of the AFP.
  24. Sorted T1 Shibby 18/01/2017
  25. Sorted T2 Shibby 18/01/2017
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