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    • Spectral
    • Spectral

      3rd Party Rule - Trial   19/05/17

      Please read up on the Rule and the Trial times
    • Afterglow

      Battleye Kick   08/06/17

      I have had just a chat with Bohemia regarding the this Battleye monetization kick some players have experienced. Safe to say it has nothing to do with Underbelly as they have had many reports from across the world. They are unsure if there's been a security breach or a malfunction of their anti-hack software. If you do happened to get kicked for this reason please notify a staff member as Bohemia have asked us to report back to them regarding how many kicks are actually happening. And you can simply just re join the server and it will be fine.
    • Spectral

      Please take the time to read   20/06/17

      Underbelly moving forward, Goals, and some requests from new Owners.  


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    Moose run, Hunters hunt, prizes for getting away, prizes for good sportsmanship, a lot of banter and some good fun. From a suggestion by Deano. The Moose's - Bright Vest / Lego Heads / Pistols The Hunters - Camo gear / AR15s / Geared Moose need to escape an area or take out the Hunters and get their gear!
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    Riddle me this. What has a head, a tail, is brown, and has no legs?
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    did you upload the other bank job?
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    "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." Arthur Ashe. I could not be more excited and engaged, and am loving the ability to roll my sleeves up and do some work in this Community. Events, RP, helping wherever asked, its all such a sense of going back to grass roots. Happy. Very happy. - Spectral
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    #fightclub Should be a great time for all the Community. Make it a night to remember.