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      A few rules have changed/amended, please look at the amendments list and get familiar with the new changes, Cheers   http://underbellyarma.com/index.php?/topic/1360-amendments-list/#comment-7506  


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  1. Same here! would like to sign up n fly!
  2. +1 larger planes would be wizard.
  3. Am keen for this. ~Aladeen
  4. Sooo thats how you do it. Welp im dumb
  5. Aye. Had alot of fun
  6. Kideny stealing after robbing someone/kidnapping then selling it on the blackmarket (something similar to <------------) to earn some coin.
  7. 1.Karma took over from Shibby. 2. Western Australia. 3.Joe. 4.Bunnings (Don't forgot the snags!) 5.Seizing the means. 6.Would like to successfully do a tax. ~~~~Aladeen~~~~
  8. Ill be keen to do it.
  9. When are these shops for guns open? and can i pay x2/x4 the amount of materials for the gun instead of coin?
  10. The ability to dismantle firearms for parts (gun barrel,trigger etc) to craft alternate guns.
  11. The Ability for Civilians with no criminal history to run as a mayor/Prime minister of Australia. Have the ability to slightly alter laws & tax. Can be able to have bodyguards etc.
  12. FIGHT CLUB In Game Name - Grzegorz Aware of time running (Yes/No) -Xa Agree to Rules (Yes/No) -Xa Agree to not disclose location (Yes/No) - Xa Background Story (Why are you fighting?) - For Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, The Motherland and all the Vodka..... Are you planning to RP your story out actively? (Yes/No) - I come from Russian gulag 20 years ago, i make the money and hunt down the people that sent me there.
  13. Buyable CSAT Urban Fatiuges for those that are lazy like me Joseph.S
  14. Flare gun to signal friends at night and make it a bit easier to snipe at night too:P
  15. First Name: Jason.Latinovic-Steiger In-game Name: Aladeen [SoS]-Aladeen UID: 76561198062238808 Amount Donated: $50 Additional Note(s): Level 5 P.S. love the server, keep up the good work!