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  1. SM??? i've only ever been in SHP. would like to see where the info u got is from? As for supermax i sent the message due to the afp not following the sop's and i've made correct procedures for IA for their behaviour
  2. AFP Police Officer Application Template Your name (first name sufficient): michael sheehan In-game name: Tracer Ping: 45-60 Age (Put your age or the year you were born, do not put your full DOB): 21 Do you have Teamspeak 3 and a working microphone: yes You have the ability to record your gameplay/audio and upload evidence if required: yes I have read and understand the AFP Rules and Codes: yes Reason for applying to AFP: I wish to be reinstated into the cop force. upon resigning the cop the force a lot of things have change and have been added and it will be great to see these changes for myself. Name two whitelisted police of Senior Constable rank or above who can vouch for your ability to RP and play by the server rules (ask them if you can reference them in this application) Do not put an appt in unless you have 2 references: Superintendent Benji,, Superintendant Matthew How do you feel you can contribute to the PD and what gameplay skills do you have?: My knowledge of the AFP SOP's and ability to train new AFP cadets into becoming exceptional leaders will be a massive contribution to the AFP. fill in a role play story about your cop why are you here?: I was currently stationed at Brisbane PD in 2016 but due to the fact of my lady having a baby i needed to find a better job so i resigned from the cop force and moved up north. Unfortunately due to injury i have had to return to the PD in brisbane and start the recruitment process again. have you read the SOP's and server rules?: Yes, i have (Don't add below to your appt) You must read SOP's and Server rules to apply for the Cop Force, you will be tested on both before being accepted and if found that you haven't or you are cheating the test, you will be instantly declined and not able to reapply for 2 weeks. We want cop's that know/understand and abide the server rules.
  3. i never needed it when i was in the afp. i always followed them. perhaps defensive driving training and pursuit based driving is needed for junior officers.
  4. I am just going to leave a post based upon my experience with ride along. When a player decides to take a ride along. His responsibilities are increased to a high sensitivity. Allow me to put an example from my own experiences for ya mate. I used to train a lot of cadets, some of which are high ranking officers you see on now. There were stages where i willingly assigned myself ride alongs. Now as a officers job at that time. My role/job was to not only train the cadet but to ensure his safety and my own. In that situation with a ride along The responsibilities increase to the protection of the ride along. Hence why the vest is issued as we will not always be able to protect you. Now imagine this for me mate. If i were to issue a standard officers weapon which is usually a pistol for cadets. I have to than take responsibility for how you than use that weapon and any repercussions would fall upon myself. Hence why that rule is in place. In term with this you may get the urge to pick up a criminals weapon which creates far more issues for us both. firstly tampering with evidence from a crime scene, secondly i wouldn't know you would have that weapon unless i saw it or you told me. Finally what if you saw someone who looked like a criminal and thought he had a gun and than you shot him. Not only would you have made a bad judgement call, but i would have to take you into question and my opinion of you for joining the AFP will lessen. I hope this comment can help you make the right decision mate. At the end of the day our role is to ensure the safety of all civilians. ride along or not.
  5. By the name of the title of this thread some of you are thinking what does he mean. Well as some of you know or don't know I have recently been told that I will soon become a father. Due to this major change in my life at the current age of 21 i am not currently financially stable to start a family. However, due to recent changes and a job application i have gotten a job in far north at queensland at the mines. Due to this change i am not only having to move but i will also be having to step down as an Interviewer, Head of Cadet Training as well as a Senior Constable and a member of this great community. I have been around this community for quite a long time as well as the origin of this community back in the days of the BTD clan. I've made many friends in the community and i have tried my best to help those in need whilst also creating a vivid environment around myself. It will be very sad to leave this community but unfortunately the change has to happen. I hope that in the future if the community stays strong that i may return but that unfortunately is not a promise as priorities must take form over personal enjoyment. I would like to take a moment and thank a few people personally. To Shibby, you're a great friend and your leadership skills as well as your friendliness to me has meant a lot To Ciaphas, when i was having a rough time you were able to talk to me and discuss issues and help me break barriers and helped me become a better person. to All of the AFP personnel i trained, You guys all started off as Cadets and it was my privilege to aid you and train you into becoming great police officers to the players of the server, You guys were all friendly and i earned a lot of respect from you guys and that means a lot. and unfortunately the 4 million bounty still stands bahahaha And finally to the admin team. You guys adhered to all of my suggestions, concerns and complaints to the highest regard, Although in circumstances where I have done the wrong thing you guys allowed me to explain myself and explain solutions and allowed me to willingly confess when i know i have done wrong and given me chances to improve myself as a player on your server. As well as allowing me to gather a great group of friends and create the Straw Hat Pirates gang. Even going so far as to adding in a gang skin in game which i see most players flying with which has made me a very happy person knowing that my contributions to the server allow the server to grow. i hope that you guys have a great time in the community that has been provided for you and remember to not take things for granted. thank you Michael Sheehan| Robb Stark| Tracer Senior Constable of the AFP Retired Senior Medic Member of UnderbellyArma
  6. Yeah. i don't want to be rude dude. but you only just recently got ur promotion.
  7. +1. Benji. is by far the best officer i have ever trained. I remember when he first joined the force as a cadet and training him has been my ultimate privilege. I have been proud enough to see his progress through the ranks and through his leadership skills and his capabilities as an officer. He has far out scored his betters in my eyes which means i've done my job well. and makes for a great CO. if it were possible i would give him the promotion immediately. With that i note i would like to Conclude my training with mr Benji and congratulate him and usher im into the new age
  8. i will vouch for this man. +1. he is a good cadet. and he will be a good constable
  9. well you need 2 vouches. if you find me on ts. and we have a chat lad. if i like what i hear. i'll +1 ya app and vouch
  10. Will be interesting. i +1 this app.
  11. Just spoke to matthew Asaro on the teamspeak. I cleared up what his intentions were if he was to be accepted. I am happy with the answers and feedback he provided to me and with the right supervision he could make for a decent cop for the afp +1
  12. aye like mr ciaphas stated. you're an amazing cop dude. you definetely deserve the promo.
  13. +1. Aidoz is a great officer. i've seen his skills develop in every situation i have seen with him. his precision when it comes to making tough decisions have always ended up with the greatest solutions and that knack and talent will help him along way as long as he is given the chance to do so
  14. Hey everyone. not sure if you've met me either in ts or ig or anywhere but me names Michael. im a 21 year old bloke from a rural area in queensland. I first started gaming when i was around 5 years of age. at that time it was just something to distract me whilst me mum went and got my family from school. It was a gun with two cables on the end. a yellow one and a red one. and all i did was shoot pixel based gorillas and i thought i was the coolest kid ever. turns out i was just as stupid as i am now bahahaha. anyway as i got older i was introduced to a nintendo 64 and eventually got my first console. it was the legendary gamecube and i had so many cool games on that. finally as i got older i branched into massive titles such as Halo, battlefield 1942, Gears of War and countless others. i finally got to highschool and decided it would be better off if i become a pc gamer. So i let go of my controllers and scaled the art of mouse and keyboard. it was than i got into the series of MMORPG's that i play now such as WOW, Guildwars 2 and SWTOR to name a few. Now at the tender age of 21. im starting to get more serious with life so i have started branching away from video games and soon i will have a family that will most likely take over all my priorities as i am at a stage where i will become a father soon. When it comes to communities i like to enjoy myself and meet new and exciting people. i have been playing arma 3 with afterglow and fres ever since i first met them back in the days of Sin City altis life when they were with the BTD group. I myself ended up in a nortorious gang known as the Cartel SD, or CSDL for short. which carried over to vendetta. unfortunately most of us didn't last long cause most of us got banned bahahaha. but it was a great group of guys. eventually i was sent off to uni and my gaming days were numbered. but i eventually returned around june this year to the community we now knows as underbelly. Ever since than i've dedicated as much as my time and effort to ensuring that this great community powers through. I am a Senior Constable of the servers AFP, i was designated as Head Of Cadet training by the current Commissioner due to my outstanding efforts in showing members the ropes. and i hope to do so for days to come. if you want to get to know me more feel free to find me on the ts. i would be more than happy to add you on steam
  15. Gotta love the fucking politics eyy Woody. LCC, MOV, ANH BG, BOG and gods knows what else bahahaha