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  1. Where do I sign? I'm in.
  2. My idea for grounding tolls was that we could have some sort of mounted AA launcher on all police station roofs (only accessable to cops) which would enable them to disable planes before they crash? Just an idea, and I could see how to would be dangerous to have, but it would also make shooting down low-flying trolls a lot easier that painstakingly shooting them down with bullets.
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you, the ERJ-135, what I consider to be the best Jet Aircraft for mass transportation. Boasting an impressive time from Brisbane to Perth in just under 4 minutes, (Edit: Tested flight time of Do-228 which came in at about double the time or 8 minutes) This would allow players to travel from city to city much easier than by car or helicopter. Of course, these planes do come at a price. With a real life cost of $15 million, it would be in the perfect price range as then next step up from the $6 million Do-288 Twin-prop. Now, some may be asking if it is too big and may result in trolls getting their hands on it and crashing into people/buildings. In comparison to the Do-228 it is only relatively larger (Image Below) and the price would put people off of wasting it. If you would like to see the ERJ-135 implemented as much as I would, please leave a +1 and hopefully we can see it in soon. Thanks, Potato
  4. Hey guys, my end of year exams are coming around, so I probably won't be around for the next 2-3 weeks. Keep the EMS running for me and hopefully I can get back to playing soon. Thanks guys, Potato
  5. ACCEPTED I know these should have a +1, but syringe has basically been a medic this past week while on ride-alongs Jump on ts for an Interview
  6. ACCEPTED Jump on ts for an Interview
  7. Apparently these are already being worked on, as if you have drivne them before, you will know that the handling is like driving it down a ski slope with the amount of locking-up the brakes do, causing you to skid into barriers and buildings and signs and people and cops etc. I believe the devs are working to fix the handling so it can actually be used in the future But for now, +1 as I quite like them as an SUV Replacement
  8. +1 @Brodie I feel like different ranks should have different coloured uniforms so people can distinguish them in the field Eg. Yellow = Proby Medic Blue = Medic Red = Senior Medic White = Medic Supervisor Lab Coat = Head Medic And I would like a vest of some sort, possibly a Medical Satchel Pack in the vest slot that Medics can use and some sort of High-Vis vest for Ride Alongs
  9. Hello everyone! I noticed that me and a lot of other Medics found the flight test extremely easy, so I decided to play around in the editor and find some new challenges to add into it, and this is what I came up with. Standard Rules Still Apply for all Stages: Always stay under 50m Use of Auto-Hover is prohibited. 3 Strikes in total. Every time one of these rules are broken, a strike is added. 3 Strikes is an immediate fail. Crashing the helicopter is an immediate fail (obviously) Stages of the Course: 1. Take off from the Adelaide Hospital and land on the Melbourne Hospital 2. Fly from the Melbourne Hospital and land inside a tight, wooded round-about to test precise landings. 3. Land and Takeoff on highly inclined terrain safely while avoiding the surrounding forest 4. A second landing ontop of the Melbourne Hospital to complete the course This is still a work in progress as I only just put these new stages together, but +1 if you like the concept and want it to be implemnted so we can get some skilled pilots into the ranks. And as a side note. I did completed this course in testing with the M-900 by myself without receiving a strike, so it is possible!
  10. I said this before and I'll say this again. If we want to do RP like that, we would call Police to the scene as they can actually provide security around the area as they actually have weapons. Putting cones around a body as a medic would be like placing a gate in an open field. Plus, they take a long time to set up and take down, time that could be used tending to the patient. I do agree that it would be cool, however it would be slightly redundant as only high-ranking Medics would ever be able to use it, much like only Insp. and above (I believe) have access to cones and barriers for the police force. Thats just my opinion though.
  11. I'd like to thank Riverwolf for allowing us to use this vehicle on the server last night. I'm sure I can assume that everyone loved the new EMT Bimmer 5s. Although it may need a reskin to make it look less like a Police Cruiser and more like a Medical Vehicle, we must have it added ASAP! It's just too good! +1 and hopefully Devs can get this in for us! I'd also like to thanks ItzWayz and SOV for staying with me while doing "crash testing" in the forest. Enjoyed the 1.5km walk to Outlaw Outpost for repair kits. Thanks Guys, Potato
  12. ACCEPTED If you ever crash a BMW in the middle of a forest with no toolkits, this guy is a great companion Jump on ts for an Interview
  13. Hey guys, although we have not heard back yet, Jonzie has said that he is working on a new vehicle for the medical team here on Underbelly, which is a Mercedes Sprinter Van that should look something like the image below. What are your guys' thoughts and do you think it would be a good addition to the vehicle roster, possibly as a replacement for the Truck Boxer we currently have?
  14. ACCEPTED Very Good Reasoning for Joining Jump on ts for an Interview
  15. I've recently been contemplating whether or not I should buy a Do-228 and start an Airline transporting people around Australia in my free time as Civ, but as the plane is sooooooo expensive, I find myself ever more worried about it being stolen off me. So I thought that you could purchase Insurance for your vehicles. So if the vehicle is Chopped and/or destroyed it can be replaced free of charge. This could be managed by making Insurance (1 Replacement Vehicle) half the price of the vehicle itself. Eg. in the case of a Man TGX Box Truck, Insurance would be $250,000. I believe this would rule out Insurance Fraud as if someone chop shops an Insured Vehicle, twice (once the original vehicle and the other the replacement vehicle), The Frauders will only end up with the same amount of money to re-purchase the vehicle. So it cannot be used to duplicate money. I havent played Civ in forever, so if this is a thing, please tell me, but I would feel a lot safer flying a driving around Brisbane if I had Insurance. Thanks, Potato