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  1. ACCEPTED Talk to me on ts
  2. Any chance of seeing a Medic payrise soon? Even if it is only a small amount?
  3. On the 11th February, 9:00pm AEST we will be holding a meeting about Medic Updates and the Roster. To cut down on inactive Medics, anyone with the rank of Probationary Medic or Medic must put their name and rank below. Anyone who does not fill in their form will be removed from the roster and have their tags/whitelist removed. Please read the Medic SOP's 2.0 and the 1 Week Active Probation rule in Medic Rules. Note: If you don't submit a form, but wish to re-enter the Medical Department later, you will not receive your previous rank, but will return to Probationary Medic. Thanks, Potato
  4. ACCEPTED Talk to me on TS
  5. Senior Medic Applications are now Open Again! -Head Medic Potato
  6. PENDING Senior Medic Apps are closed for the time being
  7. Standard Operating Procedures Written By: Brodie, Kitty and Potato Index 1. General Medic Rules 2. Equipment 2.1. Loadout 2.2. RP Equipment 3. Uniform 3.1. Uniform 4. Vehicle Usage 4.1. General Vehicle Rules 4.2. Rank Vehicles 4.3. Land Vehicles 4.4. Air Vehicles 4.5. Stretchers 4.6. EMS Vehicle Codes 5. Radio Usage 5.1. Standard Medic Frequency 5.2. Text All Civs 5.3. Working In Conjunction with Police 6. Providing Assistance 6.1. Revive Priority List 6.2. Reviving in Various Situations 6.3. Taking Blood 6.3. Situational Awareness 6.4. Mechanical/Roadside Assistance 7. Consequences 1. General Medic Rules Medics must be in TFR channel of TS (ts.underbellyarma.com) at all times unless dealing with Staff in Help Desk Medics cannot be robbed, held up, taken hostage or used as a bargaining tool (Medkits don't work for civ) Medics are not permitted to enter or be around KOS zones (Red zones marked on map) Medics are not to enter or revive in an active combat zone, even if requested. They must wait until combat has ceased before approaching. Medics are not to take sides (this includes friends) Medics cannot give Civilians supplies (Medkit, Uniforms, Vehicles, etc.) Medics cannot participate in any illegal or criminal activities Medics cannot receive, pick up or use any firearm of any kind Medics must always Role Play Medics must not meta game Medics are not permitted to be in any lockdown zone at all. If in an area when it is locked down, they requested to change to a different location Medics must only revive players if a player requests an EMS revive EMS are not permitted to revive a down Civilian at the request of the Police Force so the Police Force can restrain the Civilian EMS can choose to reject a request to revive someone who is down, if a Civilian threatens you to revive them, you have every right to reject their request. *if the request is in breach of the rules 2. Equipment 2.1. Loadout Medics are required to carry around at all times a minimum of: 1 Medikit 1 First Aid Kit 2-3 Toolkits Personal Food & Water Medic Issue Backpack 10 Lollipops Standard Uniform Radio (AN/PRC - 152) Note. Medics are responsible for their own equipment. Under no circumstances are medics allowed to distribute Medkits or any article of the Medic Uniform to any member of the public, whether civilian, rebel or police. Doing so will be dealt with accordingly by Medical Command and Executive Ranked Medics. Lollipops may be distributed in RP situations ONLY. 2.2. RP Equipment As well as physical items such as First Aid Kits, you also have access to Medical Equipment in RP situations. There include but are not limited to: Casts Tourniquets Blood bags/IV Drips Painkillers (eg. Morphine) Paracetamol (eg. Panadol) X-rays (only in hospitals) Surgical Tools Epinephrine 3. Uniform 3.1. Uniform It is compulsory for all medics to wear their uniform at all times. Standard uniform consists of EMS Uniform and Medic Pack in the clothing shop. The cap and face mask are optional but are recommended. EMS Uniform Must be worn at all times Medic Backpack Must be worn at all times Blue Standard Cap Optional – Can be substituted with hats from Donator Face Mask Reserved for Medical RP (eg. Surgery) and Zombie Apocalypse(s) ALL OTHER MASKS ARE PROHIBITED 4. Vehicle Usage 4.1. General Vehicle Rules Medics must follow and obey all road rules. Medics are not permitted to operate any non-medic vehicle. Medics cannot give their vehicles to a civilian Medic vehicles cannot be stolen. Probationary medics cannot offer ride-alongs. Medics are only permitted to break the speed limit if responding to an emergency scene Giving someone a repair or a ride back into town is permitted (unless they are wanted by the AFP) Medics must pass a wings test before operating any air vehicle (talk to a senior medic or above) 4.2. Rank Vehicles Probationary Medic SUV GMC Ambulance Truck Boxer TLC-100 Medic MH-9 Hummingbird Senior Medic Hatchback (Sport) WorldRanger (Rescue) M-900 Medic Supervisor Orca Head Medic JetRanger (Rescue) 4.3. Land Vehicles GMC Ambulance must be used for Fatal (Code 3) Emergencies Try to appoint 2 Medics per Ambulance and 1 Medic per SUV/Supervisor Vehicle (Is not compulsory if there are multiple situations that must be attended) If there are 2 different ranked Medics in an Ambulance, the lower rank should drive to build experience with handling the vehicle EMS Vehicles must be parked in either the undercover garages or the wall left of the main entrance. Supervisor Vehicles may be used to escort Ambulances to large situations and provide crowd/traffic control and management. SUV or TLC should be used for Non-Fatal (Code 2) Emergencies unless another vehicle is needed for RP or assistance 4.4. Air Vehicles Helicopters are only to be used when a Patient is 3km away from the nearest Hospital or is in an otherwise inaccessible location (eg. a rooftop) If a Senior Medic receives multiple complaints of bad/dangerous flying, they do have the ability to ground you a period of time Helicopters must never be left on the helipad or in the parking lot and should be stored unless directed otherwise Probationary Medics may fly only when supervised by a Senior Medic or higher with controls unlocked. Broken-down vehicles may be sling-loaded and brought back to a city only if both the Medic and the Civilian do not have a repair kit 4.5. Stretchers Stretchers are to be left at the Hospital at all times and are to never be taken in vehicles Stretchers serve the express purpose of being hospital beds and a safe place to keep recovering patients. May also be used to keep drunk people until sober Can be used to move a critically injured person from an Ambulance to the Infirmary/Ward for surgery and/or immediate attention Although not a necessity, it is allowed to use a stretcher to move a Ride-Along from Hospital to Hospital 4.6. EMS Vehicle Codes Code 1 – No lights or sirens For use when there is no emergency. Mainly for patrolling and situations where there is no threat. Code 2 – Lights For use responding to a Non-Fatal situation. May be used in conjunction with the Sirens activated with the F Key Code 3 – Lights and siren For use in urgent priority response, usually involving a fatality and requires urgent attention. Note: Like Police, there is a Medic Siren activated with the F Key that can accompany Code 2 and Code 3 5. Radio Usage 5.1. Standard Medic Frequency All Medics must have a radio and be on Frequency 100 unless there is a troll or you are instructed by the Commanding Medic to change frequency. You may leave the frequency when talking to admins or to resolve an issue in helpdesk. 5.2 Text All Civs The Text All Civs function is only to be used by Senior Medics or higher You may use the function to alert civs to RP Events or locations for Blood Drives etc 5.3 Working In Conjunction With Police You may ask for a member of the Police to join the frequency if you require information or clearance with a situation (eg. if a bank is clear of combat) Police may also enter the frequency to alert you to the presence of outlaws who should not be revived. Remember: The Police are friends of EMS. They are to be treated with respect and all grudges/hatred from playing Civ are not to carry over into EMS. We are a neutral department. 6. Providing Assistance 6.1. Revive Priority List 1. Medics 2. Police Officers 3. Civilians (civs who have no weapons or illegal clothing) 4. Outlaws 6.2. Reviving in Various Situations When reviving a person you must: Assess the circumstances – Medics cannot enter a combat situation; they must stand by and wait until gunfire has ceased before proceeding, you may text Police if you are unsure of a situations current state. If death occurred in combat, text those who are in control of the situation and ask if you may enter the area. State the individual(s) who will be revived. Medics must listen to requests (E.g. if you are told not to revive an individual or gang, you must comply) Send a text to those who died, informing whether you are able to respond (E.g. ‘A Medic is on the way to help you’ OR ‘The situation has been deemed too dangerous to enter’ OR ‘I have been instructed not to assist you’) Dispatch with a Code 3 vehicle (GMC Ambulance) If the patient has been in a car crash or suffered gunshot wounds, assert that they should be taken to a hospital to receive necessary medical assistance. 6.3. Taking Blood Blood can be taken from any willing participant as long as the Medic and Donor are standing near to a GMC Ambulance and the Medic is equipped with a Syringe Kit. The following rules apply to Taking Blood: Medics should only take blood at organised Blood Drives or if someone wishes to give blood themselves. You should not harass/chase people to give you blood. It is their choice if they want to give blood or not Taking Blood from other Medics or Police Officers is not prohibited 6.4. Situational Awareness When assessing if an area is clear to enter, take into consideration some of the factors that can deem an area unsafe to enter: Gunshots - You can hear active gunfire in an area Guns - You can see weapons drawn and aimed Vehicles - Vehicles are driving into the area and dropping people off Helicopters - There is a Police helicopter over the area Alarms - You can hear the Air Raid Siren for bank or a gas station alarm Explosions - Charges, Grenades and EMP Grenades are being set off 6.5. Mechanical/Roadside Assistance If a person asks to be repaired when inside city limits, it is optional to help them as they are close enough to a General Store or Garage. Broken-down vehicles may be sling-loaded and brought back to a city only if both the Medic and the Civilian do not have a repair kit If the person has a repair kit, they are to use it to repair their vehicle If the person does not have a repair kit, you may repair their vehicle or give them your kit. In short, Medics are not to be used as Mechanics or Taxis. Our main priority is to provide medical assistance. 7. Reprimands & Consequences The Medic Standard Operating Procedures must be adhered at all times when Medics are online. Failure to comply with Medic SOPs will be dealt with accordingly by Medical Command and Executive Ranked Medics. If continuous complaints are received about an individual, there is a strike system in place: Strike 1 - Verbal Warning Strike 2 - Demotion and/or Temporary Ban Strike 3 - Blacklisted from EMS
  8. ACCEPTED Talk to me on ts
  9. ACCEPTED Talk to me on ts
  11. DECLINED Received too many -1's
  12. ACCEPTED I've never seen this much writing in an app before. Talk to me on ts
  13. DECLINED Please get people to vouche for you before putting in an Application
  15. ACCEPTED I know these should have a +1, but syringe has basically been a medic this past week while on ride-alongs Jump on ts for an Interview