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  1. please please please please please put your GUID in as well. If you need help with it just ask someone
  2. There are no Wings Applications. Once promoted to Medic you may request a test from Snr Medic or a rank higher.
  3. All EMS are required to have correct Tags. EMS with the wrong tags may receive a Strike depending on the highest ranking EMS on at the times judgement. Abbreviations are allowed, for example Medic may be Med.EMS|Name Proby Medic EMS|Name Medic Med.EMS|Name Senior Medic Snr.Medic|Name Medic Supervisor Medic.Supervisor|Name Head Medic Head Med.|Name
  4. +1 Went on a ride along and found that he would fit into the current EMS team very well. I have also done some basic EMS training with him.
  5. +1 From my past experiences with Spider i believe that he would take on the role of EMS well.
  6. +1 Did a ride along so obviously interested in the role, Also quite knowledgeable about EMS.
  7. +1 Havn't seen Healy been a troll on the server. btw just be aware that you shouldn't be in any hostile situations as a medic anyway.