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      Server Rule Changes   04/01/17

      A few rules have changed/amended, please look at the amendments list and get familiar with the new changes, Cheers   http://underbellyarma.com/index.php?/topic/1360-amendments-list/#comment-7506  


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  1. Your ban will remain until RiverWolf can see this and make a judgement call.
  2. DENIED At this stage the perm ban will remain for the foreseeable future.
  3. I see where you are coming from woody, but IA is there for sorting out issues when players are Cop's, as they are directly reflecting the Cop force on the server, if a players goes on civ and breaks rules/ is behaving in a poor way, that's an Admin issue and have nothing to do with the Cop force. In saying this, if a player is playing on civ (and is a Cop) and is playing poorly (get evidence so if required you can back up your words with facts) then i feel you can 100% use that (in a constructive way) on any promotion apps that player has in, as what you do on civ, does reflect what people think of you as a Cop. My 2 Cents
  4. I will bring this to head admins/owners and see what they say
  5. I will bring this to head admins/owners and see what they say
  6. 5/1/2016 Server Rules: General Rules: Declaration: 7. Rule 7 was deleted. 16. Was amended to the following "When robbing Banks, Art galleries, Fuel Stations, etc... ALL GANGS and or Players must declare within the first minute of the first initial Dec or your dec will be invalid and it will be considered RDMing." Vehicle: 2. Now all forms of "brake checking" are not allowed for civ, medics and/or Cops, rule 2. is now in effect "ramming is not permitted in the server for any reason other than trying to get a vehicle unstuck (permission needed to ram stuck vehicle if you don't own said vehicle)." Police Rules: General Police Rules: 2. Was amended to the following "If during the course of an unlawful action (Robbery, Murder) the Police may intervene to employ any means up to and including the use of lethal force, this will be deemed in pursuit of their duty, and not RDM. The primary duty of police is to protection of the Public and this plays to that. The Civ must be in immediate danger.."
  7. I can talk to you offline about this? tell you exactly what he has against his name ATM so you guys can make a better judgement call.
  8. You have no idea.. ok champ, Ill leave it to the big dogs, seems you know whats going on.
  9. your joking right? you don't even remember the Comm that blacklisted you.. hahaha
  10. Don't break server rules? which when i look you have broken ALOT.
  11. I've got evidence of you saying you aimed at cops and fired at them on purpose? that's one thing.. but to say you don't know what to do with a lethal weapon because you were not trained is a joke. My 2 Cents
  12. im out sorry, on holisdays
  13. 1+ has good RP and from what i've seen, keeps a cool head about him, would suit the Police Force well I Think.
  14. +1 from me. I've RP'd with Casper multiple times and he's always been mature and held a high standard of RP.