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  1. So we have copyright issues for planes but not for Cars, or buildings like Bunnings etc...?
  2. I'd love to see Cop groups (Mostly led by SRG troops) leave Brisbane and the other big cities and target regional drug traffickers; set up stings at drug fields, processors and dealers etc... also setup up full on road blocks on known well used drug courier routes. (Even organise an EMS crew to be involved in some cases) Drug traffickers have little to fear from cops outside of the main towns. Only takes the odd major drug bust to keep them on their toes. Could be fun for the cops and also help keep the drug runners on edge a bit more where they hear about such busts. Also gets the cops away from the daily Brisbane Troll grinding... and gives the SRG more relevance as they would be the front line and leaders on such operations, with GD and Air units in supporting and outer cordon roles. Also opens up whole new scenarios for the SRG and Cops to train and plan for. I only play part time, so may miss a lot of what SRG gets up to, but I'd like to see the Cops think outside the box a bit more, remember this is 'Australia Life', not 'Brisbane Life'.
  3. I understand RDM is a clear rule breach, however: while the declaration rule of immediate Direct Voice remains, Quick killing will remain. It is difficult for Admins to police as it often comes down to one word against another, where often one party claims they never heard the dec and claims that an RDM has taken place. Personally I hardly play cop as a front line troopy because of this immediate dec and kill rule set, as everyone seems to want to kill or kidnap cops with a quick direct voice dec. That and too many troll players I am too tempted to kill without notice, thus safer for all I stay airborne or on the odd rooftop I have suggested a different method of dec rules in the past to slow down the near immediate allowable killing, however at this time the server owners want to keep the rule sets as brief as possible.
  4. Battlefield 1, anyone wanting to jump in game, my Origin Account is: Silvabakrev Send me a friend request. Usually on another TS though as there are no BF1/Other channels with UB (yet...)
  5. Been hammering BF1 last few days with some mates, great game and best BF launch EA/Dice have ever done. Some 'Other' games channels could be handy.
  6. AFP Police Promotion Application NOTE: PLEASE READY AFP RANKS AND REQUIREMENTS PRIOR TO SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION TO SEE IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR YOUR DESIRED RANK. APPLICANTS WHO DO NOT MEET THE CRITERIAS FOR THEIR DESIRED RANK WILL BE DENIED. Name (First Name): Rev Date: 07/10/16 Year of Birth: Before some members here - Dad's were even born!! In-Game Name: Revan Player ID (GUID): 76561197998202792 Current Rank: Sergeant Desired Rank: Senior Sergeant / 2IC of the Western District Patrol Team Training Officer(s): Always been a trainer rather than trainee except on OzzyGaming a loooooong time ago. Trained Officers (if applying for Senior Constable or above): Not had the role on this server at Comm then Pilot-Sgt rank/positions, trained plenty on past Life servers. Aiming to get some more Pilot Trained and experienced troops up soon! Members of the P.D willing to vouch for your promotion: Cain, Shibby Qualifications Acquired (i.e. Wings/SWAT/etc.): [Gold Wings] Current AFP Pilot Instructor / Flying and Sniper Junkie.. Leadership experience on several other life servers at executive ranks - Comm / DComm and A/Comm etc... Notes/Comments: Should have more gaming time coming up now (I am finishing my current higher duties role next week) and would like to get the Western District Patrol team up and rolling, pending this promo app being approved, will be seeking HQ to start posting some troops to the Western District, with a focus on some that are interested in flight status - given the Districts expansive patrol area. Would also like to see one of the new Inspectors appointed to the Western District as OIC, so I can start working with them. Hoping to aim to have the Teams new members begin working together as much as possible (in all Districts/Areas) to start building some good teamwork etc... into the future. Plus this rank will match my RL rank insignia and I like to keep things in order
  7. Suggestion: A TeamSpeak Icon - Warning system. *[For Admins info: I have placed a draft set of relevant TS Icons on the list for review] This way the Admin team can better monitor who has active rule breach warnings and better manage and monitor those offenders. Some of which was mentioned in my draft rules submission, although I understand that has not been considered an option, we can still employ these icons in my opinion. I have added a 1st, 2nd and 3rd warning icon also a 1 week ban and a 1 month ban icon. At the moment it is hard to monitor the trolls who might have been spoken to by multiple Admins that are not aware of others already having done the same and there appears little consequence for trolling and other rule breaches. I submit this simple suggestion might help curb the behaviour better of some of our players, who might not wish to receive warnings and bans, but at the moment can get away with quite a lot... *Edit. further to this suggestion, already starting to use these warning icons (till the option is removed/ or I'm instructed otherwise), as I have no other way of issuing Admin penalties for rule breaches, nor an area for recording them for the Admin team to review. I understand if they get removed. I also understand there is a 'Warned' and 'Role Play Killer' tag on there already - they would not be required under this suggestion.