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  1. First Name: (Real Name) Joshua In-game Name: (current in game name) Mavrick UID: 76561198313551819 Amount Donated: 10:00 Additional Note(s): (what level) level 0 Joshua Brown has donated $10 for me he will talk to staff in ts
  2. +1 he can be a good roleplayer but he could be a really good fit for police
  3. Your In-game Name? Joshua Brown Name of your gang? Shadow Company PMC How many members in your gang? 6 MEMBERS How active is your Gang? every day
  4. +1 from me he is an amazing role-player on civilian and most defiantly will be an amazing cop GOOD LUCK!!!
  5. + 1 for me he is really good at role-play he will be an awesome fit
  6. ok
  7. because it is boring exactly but if I'm on cop I get entertained
  8. so you guys are saying that if I can prove that I can be a better role-player and show u I can help the police force I might have a chance of getting back in to the police force??. I am 100% certain that I'm a beater cop role-player then civ the reasons I have these warning tags is because civilian gets boring and I have to find away to make it fun so I rob people and kill people you guys properly have footage and I fully agree with all of you and where your coming from but I really want to have a talk with all the higher ups without getting abused about what I'm trying to say if you could find a time to talk then please do but if not I am going to prove my self in game that I can be a good role-player but I'm requesting this blacklist appel because civilian is boring and I really want to become a cop again and before you all fight back please think about it I am going to prove my self in game I am going to show you I can be a better person!!
  9. ok I wanted a second chance and u went Rambo on me all I wanted was a second chance
  10. or all high commanding officers
  11. nope this is a cop block list so it your not a cop then I would like to talk to the police Comm
  12. SHIBBY I have to say something are u apart of the police
  13. guys I understand what I have done wrong and I admit to all of it but I really want a second chance to show you I can be a good cop please I am desperate if it is possible I really want to be a cop on this server I will do anything it takes please.
  14. Name: Joshua Brown I was a cadet at the time and i was not trained to use a leathel the server got a big ddos, as I did not know what to do I fired a few rounds around and when the server finally caught back up I had killed 2 police and this is full on me and it was an accident. but my brother has recently joined the server and I would like Zac and I to start off as a cadet together I know I have been bad at roleplaying on civilian but I am a much better role-player when I am on police. I am willing to talk to all higher ups and tell you more about the situation. I am really sorry for what I have done and I would really like to get back into the police force and hopefully my brother can join aswell I TAKE FULL ACTION FOR THE THINGS I HAVE COUSED ON CIVILAN AND POLICE
  15. +1 he is amazing at Roleplay an amazing cop