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  1. +1 jessman is a great guy and a great leader, i think he has the potential to go very far and cant wait to see him do so
  2. +1 cutup is one of the guys that i think will go very far, he shows great leadership and a very mature attitude. i hope to see him in the sgt spot soon
  3. +1 whitto has been showing some very good rp and mature attitudes definitely deserves the rank of sgt, only thing you need to improve on is leading situations as i havnt seen you do it very much.
  4. Found a new background for my dual monitors
  5. +1 jewy is a quality lad with some quality rp, would love to see him at sgt. Just make sure to take over some more situations because i haven't seen you lead a whole lot.
  6. there are circumstances where certain things that are unacceptable to be said to strangers (such as F**k you) but can be said to friends as a joke this is what i mean.
  7. Any people who are caught saying for other players to commit suicide that is not in a joking way between friends WILL be punished, in the same way that anyone using racist remarks will be punished. The way in which it was used by you and many others uses a highly respected and missed member of the community as a joke and that, is unacceptable i myself do not think that anyone doing such things should be unbanned as then people will think it only gives a temporary punishment. However it is not my decision to make.
  8. in which case they will be dealt with by Helpdesk and punished accordingly, internal affairs is for one thing. Cop issues, something that happens on civ is not viable to go through IA, besides if someone does something warranting a ban/warn tags the person cannot put in a promotion application until the warn tags are removed. maybe the meaning wasnt put across properly, when you say "While Cops are playing as Civ they are not liable to being Punished by the IA department for any ill-doing." you may want to say what ill doing you are on about or the idea you are trying to put across can be misconstrued.
  9. simply put, no it doesn't need to be changed. If we did then what else would we have to do? take every action on civ and take it over to cop? for example if i was to go on civ and break into an art gal, kill 5 officers and get away does that then mean 20 minutes later if i log on cop i can be arrested? The answer is no, because civ and cop are two completely different lives in the eyes of the server and as such we should not be liable for any action we do on civ when we become police.
  10. +1 me and john dog rarely see eye to eye however over the past couple of months he has fully improved his attitude and could potentially be a great asset to cop
  11. -1 i feel that i cannot +1 your app atm because you can make some very questionable decisions while on cop and have done so very recently (i do have evidence of said event) this leads to problems with civ relations, and have negatively effected rp situations. you need to work on this before i can plus one your app, remember we are a police force not a civilian faction. Other than this i believe that you have great potential and can become one of the best officers on the force if you work out your problems (just as i must work out mine)
  12. +1 Dizzy is a good lad with a good head on his shoulders, he is great at dealing with situations and also has a very good approach to dealing with trolling. he very rarely loses his cool and as such makes a great leader, one of the few people i would be happy to see in the superintendent role! Good luck Dizzy and i cant wait to see who gets superintendent soon
  13. whilst i am willing to vouch for you because of you having good roleplay and good ethics on cop, you need to improve your dedication and get some more hours in per week. do this and i will change to a +1, for now im going to remain neutral.
  14. AFP Police Promotion Application NOTE: PLEASE READY AFP RANKS AND REQUIREMENTS PRIOR TO SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION TO SEE IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR YOUR DESIRED RANK. APPLICANTS WHO DO NOT MEET THE CRITERIAS FOR THEIR DESIRED RANK WILL BE DENIED. Name (First Name): Jarvis Date: 10/01/2017 Year of Birth: 1998 In-Game Name: Jarvis Player ID (GUID): 76561198066778436 Current Rank: Senior Sergeant Desired Rank: Inspector Training Officer(s): SRG Team (combat help) Trained Officers (if applying for Corporal or above): Twenty, Montee, Darcy, Kkaay, NovA Members of the P.D willing to vouch for your promotion: Whiskey and Matthew Qualifications Acquired (i.e. Wings/SWAT/etc.): Trainee Wings Notes/Comments: I feel that i am ready for the inspector role, i understand that many people believe i have been complaining about situations and been behaving immaturely but recently i have been working on this. When i joined the Force i set myself a goal and Inspector was it, i hope that you can all see that i am very quickly changing my attitude on cop and working towards becoming the best officer i can be. Individual Thanks: Azabes and Cain: I want to thank you both for being a great friend and senior officer through everything that has happened without both of you believing in me and making sure i was on the right track i dont think i would ever have got to the rank i have today. Alec: Alec from the days when i was a senior constable and you were Sgt i have enjoyed working with you, your serious yet fun attitude helps to make the PD a fun place to be. As well as this you are able to see the best and worst in a person and have no issues helping people reach their maximum potential. Anthony: I Thank you for being able to point out the things i do wrong so i can improve without you and a couple of others i would probably never know what to improve on. Matthew: You have been there for me in some of the most dark times of my cop life along with many others and i hope to see you very high in the force, whenever i am unsure of something you help me see the light. Aidoz and Shadow: Without you guys i would have never had anyone to live through the worst cop moment, the demotion hit me hard and having you guys there to live through it helped me so much that i could never truly thank you both. Shibby: The line i will always remember from you Shibby is "sort your f@!cking life out!" and i cant thank you enough for saying it, at the time i was going through some pretty tough times but what you said made me realize i did need to sort it out and have been making larger steps towards further schooling and work, without you i would still be sitting here doing nothing with my time. For that i cant thank you enough!