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  1. +1 Had a few positive encounters with this bloke deserves a shot at being a cop
  2. +1 Had some good roleplay with him deserves a shot at being a cop
  3. I believe the TLC-100 is currently one of the main contenders to be added into the police force as the SRG Vehicle we just need to skin it i believe.
  4. +1 Jessman knows his SOPS rarely does anything wrong knows how to lead deserves the rankup
  5. +1 Good leader knows his stuff deserves SSgt
  6. +1 My training officer glad to have him back from his extended leave deserves another spot in the cop force
  7. +1 Good cop knows how to lead situations deserves a Sgt slot
  8. -1 All i have seen from you is trolling and shooting into safe zones.
  9. +1 Turboman is a great cop might want to take lead a bit more
  10. +1 Jewy is a good cop quality roleplayer. Would like to see him lead a bit more though
  11. +1 somehow missed this app. Itzwayz deserves Insp good leader just would like to see him a bit more active
  12. I disagree with this because it is not the IA's Job to monitor what you do on CIV obviously there are some examples where it is for example when I heard shots fired in PD and went over to help and then incorrectly worded a few of my sentences and ended up getting demoted because I was technically being a police officer on civ which isn't good. But if as Seb said if I rdmed someone and stuff like that on civ I don't see how it is IA's issue. as I previously stated though there are some situations which whilst you're on Civ IA will have consequences for your actions as they directly impact the police department. But if what happened had nothing to do with the police then why should IA be given more work to do makes absolutely no sense to me they are already swamped with complaints and don't have time to deal with issues that have nothing to do with the police department.
  13. -1 Not seen any positive roleplay coming from you all i have seen is cop trolling.
  14. +1 John dog has shown massive improvements through his time being blacklisted deserves another shot at being a cop
  15. +1 Good cop knows what he is doing and is also a great leader