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  1. +1 good cop and a good leader
  2. @Jarvis I have found multiple issues with your app, due to the power an inspector carries I feel the need to point them out 1st you say that you were happy that I told you about your in-game behaviour however when I talked to you about what I posted on your SSgt (1 hour after I posted it) you were extremely angry with me causing what I thought was a chat to be turned into a massive argument 2nd you give individual thanks to members of the PD who are key to the success of your app like Alec (ACom) Cain(super and head of the IAD) aza (super and the only other member of IAD) Mathew(a inspector who -1 you SSgt app because of the same reasons as myself) I can understand if you want to thank an officer of this PD for the help they provided you but you should do this privately and not on your police app because it will influence the officers in question to feel sympathetic for you when they need to keep neutral and look at the pros and cons equally 3rd " I feel that I am ready for the inspector role, I understand that many people believe I have been complaining about situations and been behaving immaturely but recently I have been working on this. " Jarvis In your own words you admit that you complaining is a problem, in fact, it is a serious one due to multiple people including myself publicly telling you it is but only 2 days have passed and I do not believe that 2 days is not enough time to prove that you have changed for good 4th this is to All that are looking I honestly believe that Jarvis shouldn't get this rank due to the fact that I believe it will have a negative impact on the cop force and I will admit what I have posted is very negative towards Jarvis, in fact, Jarvis has every right to call me a **** **** but what I have posted is true and I believe it and Cain if you want to remove this comment so be it but I am only posting this for the Benefit of the PD (Sorry for any typos I did this on my phone)
  3. +1 dizzy is a great inspector and a good cop
  4. +1 shadow is a good cop and a good leader
  5. -1 Jarvis as I said on your SSgt app you complain about how impossible a situation is and never focus on how to solve it. As a inspector you are a leader and as a leader you need to help the lower ranks not encourage them to think negatively by continuously complaining on banks, art gals and any other RP situations this is the main reason why you shouldn't be an inspector but if you can change your behaviour I will be happy to +1 your app
  6. +1 Aidos is one of the best cops on he should get this rank
  7. +1 Whiskey is one of the most promising Constables in the PD (in my opinion) the only thing that he needs to do is lead more situations when he becomes a SnrConst
  8. sorry didn't see that my bad @Sammy
  9. Name (First Name): Anthony Date: 4/12/16 Year of Birth: 1999 In-Game Name: AFP|Sgt Anthony Player ID (GUID): Current Rank: SSgt Desired Rank: Inspector Training Officer(s): Benji Stark Trained Officers (if applying for Senior Constable or above): Dizzy, Shadow, Aidos Members of the P.D willing to vouch for your promotion: Benji Dizzy Matthew Qualifications Acquired (i.e. Wings/SWAT/etc.): Notes/Comments: I have 328 hours on cop I have love being a cop I also think I am ready for inspector
  10. +1 i believe that shadow worked hard for this rank and i ask that IA commence a PUBLIC (when i say public I mean only to cops) inquiry into the real reasons why he was demoted. Shadow is one of the most active cops on and the idea that he was demoted due to him being inactive is crazy. @Ciaphas Cain @Azabes
  11. +1 we need more active Sgt and Gandalf is the right man for the job
  12. +1 barry has been RPing with cops both on his medic account and civ account I think he would make a good cadet
  13. +1 leen has been trying his hardest to get in this cop force and has improved RP with cops meaning we should give him a fair go
  14. +1 Montee is ready for Const due to his ability at RPing and Cop Life