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  1. Yikes, Ill try to make it... but that is 10 AM for me
  2. 7:00 PM for what time zone?
  3. Makes sense, I mean I usually hover around 20-25 frames, sometimes dropping to 15.
  4. So I am not the only one with shitty frames in town?
  5. Well too many mods really kills fps, and makes the download size unappealing, although I would like to see the advance arma movement mod(Or whatever the fuck its called)
  6. All of these ideas sound great!
  7. I think that having a bus driver job would be a cool. A person could buy a bus, and drive on a specific route between cities. It would be slower, but could be cool.
  8. This is some good shit, my game will now fps drop more than ever
  9. -1, I think it would make everything too militarized. Armored cars are always trollish, and cops never have a good way to stop them.
  10. This sounds great.
  11. Damn, sounds like a fun time.
  12. A twin prop is 6 mil yikes.
  13. Good looking horse
  14. I think that a barricade/cone system for the medics could help us better handle roleplay scenarios, and make it where we can create ones when we have nothing to do.