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  1. +1 He is good at role playing and is also a pretty funny lad!
  2. +1 Awesome dude, deserves SSGT!
  3. +1 jessman is the best role player i have ever met. He is out standing and deserves Senior Sergeant!
  4. Name (First Name): Blair Date: 16/01/17 Year of Birth: 2002 In-Game Name: Whiskey Player ID (GUID): 76561198160061047 Current Rank: Senior Constable Desired Rank: Sergeant Training Officer(s): Mathew, Sammy, Jessman, Aza, Wayz and Dizzy Trained Officers (if applying for Senior Constable or above): MarsMoon, Kora, Codes and Kkay Members of the P.D willing to vouch for your promotion: Sammy and Jarvis Qualifications Acquired (i.e. Wings/SWAT/etc.): SRG Notes/Comments:
  5. +1 Good RP, Cutup takes good lead and knows how to handle situations. He also has good comms and teamwork!
  6. In Game Name: Whiskey Current Rank: Senior Constable Time played: 60+ Reason For Applying To The SRG: I wish to join SRG as i like using tactical comms, special weapons and tactics. I have always wanted to be in a *Swat* team on life servers but havent been able to get there, so i really want to try for SRG Any skills that you have that we should know: I can hit the 300m shot, I have been in multiple milsim groups and learnt the ways of being tactical Have you read the SRG test, guide lines, SRG ranks: Yes
  7. +1 Turbo is really good at leading and deserves to become a sergeant, good rp and organizing skills!
  8. +1 good rp but should be more active, still deserves sgt
  9. +1 Good rp and will go far!
  10. +1 Good cop and good RP
  11. +1 Pretty cool guy and knows his S**t
  12. +1 Mathew has been working very hard and deserves the rank of superintendent, he is a very caring lovable person. He has helped me all the way from Cadet to Senior constable, in my eyes he is the most worthy person to receive his rank!
  13. Accepted Talk to me on TS for your interview.
  14. Accepted Talk to me on TS for your interview.
  15. +1 Denim is worthy for the Scon rank and has been working really hard to get it!