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  1. Great idea haha definitely need EMS to be on standby
  2. Sweet @Brodie thx
  3. Yeah I know there's some hate towards each other but approach it without breaking server rules like every time.... just dec and you will be all g
  4. @BartAllen yes I totally agree with you.... but there has been evidence of him RDM'ing and had been reported to admin but only a Temp Ban was issued twice I believe, please do correct me if I'm wrong but it's just happening over and over again, still seeing and hearing the same thing from different people about the same guy which is not surprising at all. Like @Alec7565 said We shouldn't be seeing people leaving the server just because one guy keeps breaking server rules and causing others to have a hard time playing and not enjoying the server. We are here to grow a bigger and better community so stuff like that needs to be gone. btw no hate @kevin chow but u need to have some common sense and maybe read over server rules again im just gonna end it here, not salty or anything just from my POV it's just terrible seeing people leave because of you
  5. I agree with @Woody and @Alec7565, the amount of times I've seen u RDM'ing people either in safe zones or outside is ridiculous. Pretty much everyone I met has an issue with u from stealing cars in safe zones to being RDM'ed by you for several times. Even myself have been robbed by u in a safe zone and RDM'ed. Admins needs to make a move and give u a perm Ban ASAP. Sorry dude it's ridiculously annoying and not tolerated on this great modded server. I'm pretty sure people will agree with me about you RDM'ing alot of people and breaking server RULES.
  6. +1 great guy that makes people laugh, played with him before and overall he has good rp skills and would definately want to see him in the PD
  7. @Moon this is definitely a +1, this is a great idea since these incidents have happened to me and others before.... lol