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  1. +1 good kid gunna go far "dont let him fly a mohawk"
  2. +1 good guy good rp deserves the promo But yea +1
  3. +1 helped me get into the afp huge help great rp and just amazing guy Karma i know you will make the right Choice and thats accepting this right away
  4. -1 from what iv seen and heard you have been failing rp and have been shooting into the police pd safe zone for now this -1 will be set in concrete until i see some huge changes
  5. +1 since coming back has made a big improvment and i think he will make a good constable and will only benefit the afp
  6. +1 jewwy has come a very long way and i believe that he has a lot of potential in this rank
  8. +1 good kid great rp and i think putting him in this rank will only benefit the afp
  9. +1 may have had a very rough way in these couple of weeks and i belive he would make a good officer with a bit of guidance
  10. +1 jarvis has come a very very long way and for the people who think hes not ready i want you to re think due to him showing great leader ship skills and great rp i think he can lose temper but i think with a bit of time and i think he would make a great inspector
  11. Yea nah plus 1 good bloke
  12. Name (First Name): Matthew Date: 22 /12 / 2016 Year of Birth: 2001 In-Game Name: Matthew Current Rank: Inspector Desired Rank: superintendent Training Officer(s): Cain Aza Alec Trained Officers (if applying for Senior Constable or above):Sammy Darcy Turbo man Bart bart is bae Members of the P.D willing to vouch for your promotion: Anthony | whiskey | Jewbacca | Gandalf | Sammy | Aidoz | James jalal | JessMan269 | Qualifications Acquired (i.e. Wings/SWAT/etc.): SRG : wheels Notes/Comments:Thanks for taking the time for reading my app
  13. +1 great guy deserving of Scon
  14. Alright this is not +1 or a -1 i believe keen has improved a heck ton and he has tried multiple time to become a AFP member every time he has been declined and i know the feeling brother but at the same time i didn't get to where i was by slaking off i am willing to give you a Chance in my book but i would like to see you committing to rp and less hostile actions on civ and to all the other people who are seeing this believe me keen is a good bloke he has just gone off the rails but i believe with a bit of guidance he will become a great officer that will go far so i can not say this any more clear guys give him a chance I am