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  1. +1, Whiskey is a fine kid that is always cheerful and an asset to the AFP
  2. +1, Jessman is completely dedicated to his rolepllay and takes the chain of command seriously. Would love to see him go further
  3. +1. One of my trainers great leadership and roleplay. Deserves the rank
  4. I believe everything but the landcruiser and brinks are in the game already. Not sure why the landcruiser is not used but for prisoner transport i would see a correctional bus ive seen better for the job myself. The limo and hypercar you can buy and the buggy you can craft
  5. Did an awesome job as a reporter the otherday I had a blast being interviewed during our traffic stop exercise. +1
  6. I agree and disagree. It is a complicated topic. I have a different name for my cop and civ for a reason. I play them as if i were 2 separate people. I am not the face of the afp as my civ. That said i agree with the fact that alot of cops i have seen on civ seem to break rules they shouldnt and not sure if this should be an IA issue or admin issue. Last night a cop playing as civ was in a gunfight lost his friend to the shootout then proceeded to evade and run to the airport garage and grab a car to continue his evasion. Complete breaking of the rules but dont think it is an IA issue moreso a 2hr ban or something for rule breaking.
  7. I think most are in agreement and if not mistaken plans for increases are in the works
  8. Do you realise that only 2 officers can take up medic slots at any one time? Not every officer has the ability to revive other officers. So even at max server capacity that would only be a max of 6 people with the ability to revive.
  9. You will show up as cop #3 in the credits 😉
  10. +1 Did a ridealong with Kaleb and Itzwayz, showed him round the PD explaining to him a few of our things. Was a pleasant experience.
  11. Bit biased as one of my best gaming buds but the guy is great with his roleplay. Very chill and a cheerful guy. As much as I'd like to continue bragging to him about his high vis vest he deserves the rank up due to following orders well and doing the right things. +1. Note: During reassignments request officers you have not partnered with to assist getting more interaction time with everyone. And btw Mr.Carrot aka Gandalf is a great training officer and cop
  12. +1. With the influx and recent activity of the AFP rising i believe we need more SConst and Whiskey deserves a shot. Has from what I've seen always tried to be an asset to the force and allround cheerful person to deal with.
  13. +1 Aidoz was one of my training officers and was great with his guidance and answering any questions i had, informing me of ways to handle trolls. He also has some great driving, piloting and shooting skills and very tactical in situations. I haven't had as much interaction with the other inspector applicant but Aidoz deserves a more commanding role imo
  14. I know he has trolled in the past but last few days i have seen some great rp from him as a lawyer. His rp during the court case held in Sydney was brilliant. If he keeps his nose clean and continues doing the right thing should be given the opportunity
  15. Is a young lad and has come leaps and bounds in the months i have got to know him. Has alot of enthusiasm and tries to do the right thing. Needs some direction and guidance but I believe that it was the cadet role is for. Would love to see him given the chance to prove himself and mature under the guidance of the AFP. +1