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  1. until
    Salt Flat - Demolition Derby EMS on Scene. Will be teleported. Prizes, Tags, Fun fun fun.
  2. until
    At the [UB] Customs Building. Car supplied - prize per win, 2 cars per Race. Will Race until $3 million is won in prizes. Racing - Skylines vs Skylines, Supras vs Supras, RX7 vs RX7
  3. until
    Map wide Scavenger Hunt - Prizes and Event Winner Tags!
  4. until
    At the [UB] Customs Building. Car supplied - prize per win, 2 cars per Race. Will Race until $3 million is won in prizes. Racing - Skylines vs Skylines, Supras vs Supras, RX7 vs RX7
  5. until
    The Hunger Games!! Gear will be supplied, come have some fun. PRIZES 1st $2 million and Event Tag 2nd $1 million and Event Tag
  6. 1) Week One tagholders must have [W1] tags on in game, likewise Week 2s must have [W2] tags on. If not tagged in game these protections DO NOT apply for that game time. 2) Week Ones may not be decced on, robbed, or taken hostage. No form of hostile RP may be used on them. 3) Week Ones may not Dec on anyone, steal vehicles, or do anything that may require retaliation on them. Week 2s may Dec and steal. 4) Week Ones can be arrested/jailed/shot by Police , Week Ones are not immune to the Law. This holds true for Week 2s as well. 5) Week 2s are able to be robbed of their items, and vehicle contents but not have their vehicles ransomed or chopped.
  7. until
    Monster Trucks. Swamps. Madness. Come if you dare.
  8. Jetstar Specialist FTW

    1. Roger Purple

      Roger Purple

      Jetstar - We'll beat our competition, not you


      PS: Doors may open at randoms times, jetstar is not liable if you fall out.

  9. Asylum Seeker is an addition to the Community Missions that has been made available, and as such a new addition to the Ruleset is below. Please be across the detail as far as what is possible and how this works. 1) Asylum Seeker is a Blue Striped Zone, and as such is no Civ vs Civ. Inside the zone you may Dec upon, or be Decced upon by the AFP. 2) Asylum Seekers are not Citizens, and as such AFP will not pay any money for them as Hostages. 3) The Asylum Mission is active for AFP to be notified to, you may encounter them at any time. They may respond in a Speedboat Minigun. If you are Declared upon and try to escape you may be given 2 verbal warnings, before warning Shots are fired, and a 3rd verbal and then shots to disable. Shots to disable may unintentionally cause your death. 4) You may not shoot the Asylum Seekers, you must value them, but as discussed in Rule 2, they are not Hostagable. 5) The AFP may not engage from the Air. Civs may Dec or Engage the AFP from the Air, but be advised a Speedboat Minigun may respond or be in the air.
  10. until
    Fight Club The last Friday of every month we go for the glory and we go for the gold. Pistols, blood, fear and adrenaline.
  11. As seen on the Facebook, the Fluffy Kittens did indeed hit the streets and backroads of Underbelly, and if one person is saved from not accidentally pressing the Eject button and not having the car doors locked then we have done some good work. @Roger Purple @vizzN @Tonnie @Nate Colseon @James Jalal @Litesoccer
  12. Sure is. Bear in mind some things are Crafting items as well, so listing them on Auction House where possible could create more profit or create a nice market eg anything used in gun crafting or vehicles/explosives
  13. Maybe they couldn't take it, and ran off. Maybe he is in the boot. Perhaps the guy stole the Cop car, and got a pickup and they are posting it on SM.
  14. RED ZONE Zones marked in RED are kill on sight for those INSIDE the Zone. EDITED from "Cop" to all those inside the Zone for clarity. Gang Hideouts Air Drop Mission Convoy Mission Meth Lab Van Weapons Grade Uranium Illegal Trader Admin Area A red zone (also known as a KOS zone) means all form of hostile action and Roleplay against both Cops and Civilians without the use of proper Declaration is PERMITTED. In order for KOS to be active, you must be within the designated red zone or any form of hostile action without a proper roleplay declaration is STRICTLY PROHIBITED as RDM. ADDED Airdrop & Cartel Money Machine - 5 minutes after the Box/Machine has despawned, the Red Zone will disappear. You MUST Redeclare as normal to carry on Combat, once the Red Zone is gone you risk RDM if you do not have a valid declaration up. Meth Van - Moving the Van to use it as a mobile KOS Zone is not allowed. ADDED HERE AS WELL AS ELSEWHERE IN RULESET Edited 1 minute ago by Spectral Hotfix - Added 5 minute timer edit and despawning 9/3/17 - Spectral