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  1. Some great footage from @Shibby on the Dev Server, take a look at the Jet coming in the Update. Commercial Pilot will be a Whitelisted slot, and get to fly one of these on Server, a huge RP boost and a great responsibility. Running an Airline, coming in the update!
  2. Hey Daltron, Welcome to the Forums and Community. Underbelly is a great place to play if your keen on a huge map, some good RP, and a heap of stuff to get involved with. Joining the Server is as easy as installing the Mod Pack, Setting up TFR, and then getting in game. There is a link on the TeamSpeak for the Mod Pack - Steam Workshop, as well as all the other things you need, and a member of Staff can help run you through the whole setup and get you in game. Enjoy!! The link for the TS is on the main page, so jump on and go to Help Desk, someone will come find you and help. @daltron Spectral
  3. Tossing up a Tactical contest, 3 v 3 tournament with the object being to hold a building against an attacker, and the attackers having to breach in and clear the building. The objective is simple, wipe the other team. Best of 5, so first to 3 points wins, must wipe the other team to win. Rules below, signup with your team name, and names of the players. 1. No explosives. No RPGs. Gas, or flash is fine. 2. No Wallbanging from outside the building. Once your in you can, but you must get in the doors to do so. 3. Supply your own gear, have it ready to go. You will be EMS or Mod Revved, but only the winners move forward, its a knockout tourney. 4. Judges decision is final on the day, no complaining that someone did something unless the Judge rules it against these rules. 5. This may be a longer contest. Be prepared to be waiting for your turn. A Roster will be made up prior to the day based on signups, but you may need to be at the event area and sitting around for a while. Don't get there and then say you have to go in 10 mins and wreck it for your team.
  4. I would expect no less!! @Sebastian Get the thumbs up from you Comms, put in a few SRG Teams, all good.
  5. Nice one Charlie and good work at Fight Club, welcome to the Community. Glad you had fun, and are enjoying all the things there are to do. Thanks for Donating, it helps support the Community and enables it to keep growing. Catch you around, keep an eye out for Events. -Spectral
  6. Fight Club, the first Event I ran on Server, we had a lot of fun, @Shibby supplied some guns, we laughed, we cried, we shot, we died. So, its on again, and it hopefully will attract more lucky souls looking to win some money. Video is linked, beers will be icy cold, and it will be a great night. Sign up below, and the Steam Group Members will receive reminders on the day. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/underbelly#events/586991182163919505 Cheers, keep having fun. No Buy in - $1.5 million first prize Bring - A Pistol (To be advised) When? - Saturday the 14th of January, 8 pm Server time, Location TBA. -Spectral
  7. Fight Club, tonight, no vests, .45 pistol BYO plus ammo, get pumped.
  8. I would agree. Your promoting the Player not the Officer portrayed. If they go Civ, cut loose, then thats them playing, not a seperate person behind the Keyboard. Noone is saying you cant kill people, or do Art Gall's, or shoot at Cops. But then if your trolling, or get a ban, or be abusive, well I agree with Shibby, that needs to stick to you when you try to go higher in Cop.
  9. Hey guys, So tonight we ran a little scenario, hopefully the Cops and EMS had fun, attached some screenshots, a truck driven by a very intoxicate @Karma199 went through a stop sign and crashed into @Connor twinkletoes and caused a lot of damage. EMS airlifted them out, Cops got to be Cops and just had a little bit of fun. Looks like the AFP are taking it to court, could be a lengthy sentence for him, so we will sort out times and let everyone know. RP is lifting, more mini scenarios, more things to do, Fight Club 2 is on Saturday night, FB is active and so is the YouTube and Twitter. Hope your all having a great time. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=839308100 @Aidoz @Sammy @KKAAY -Spectral
  10. Great job on EMS, even if he "wouldn't mousewheel" :-). GJ by all who got involved, and Karma was awesome, I couldn't of done it without the help and actors.
  11. +1 from me as well, and I usually don't comment on these, and am not a Cop, but Shadow seems to have the respect of the Civs, and is not someone that gets pulled up to Help Desk. Good Cop thats doing his job, when the jobs not easy to do.
  12. Hey guys, So this is a sneak peek from Frez off the Dev Server, he has kindly shared it out with the Social Media team and said it's fine for a sneak peek by you guys. What do you think? Penthouse living in the magical #UBLYFE? https://www.facebook.com/underbellyarma/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE&fref=nf Hit it up with a like and a follow on the Underbelly FB - Spectral
  13. Calling players "autistic c@nts" and asking me did "I get sick of the SG dick" is not really banter. You guys get banned most places you go, for trolling and misconduct so it can't come as a surprise. Happy to discuss this evening, but the abuse of players, rule breaking and trolling of Cops has gotten to a point that everyone is sick of it. Already passed on this ban to owners and spoken to other Community regarding.
  14. Some Photos from the evenings entertainment, threw up Scavenger Hunt, the guys could Dec each other out in the world and go get the items as requested. Seemed like they enjoyed the challenge, a huge gun battle kicked off at Salt, all decced fair and square. Good work by those involved, more fun on Server coming out. -Spectral
  15. @Drew K @Shibby @James Jalal @Keen4Lean @Urg Winning Teams + Hosts
  16. Will run after Christmas. Get pumped. Get ready. Will run the same format as the show, eliminate, build alliances, outhink, out play. Outlast. Become the Survivor.
  17. With not enough signups at this point, despite hundreds of views, I am postponing this and will get s surprise going on Server instead. @KKAAY @Aidoz @TheJamaicanBongSlayer
  18. Survivor....on tonight.
  19. Hey All, In an effort to help promote the Server the Staff team has pushed forward with the creation and updating of the Social Media, we now have :- Twitter - https://twitter.com/Underbelly_Arma A new YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZeP52k_IuSsXOB76qmb0lA Steam Group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/underbelly#events/586991182163919505 The Facebook page is next for a face lift, and the Social media content will be ramp way up. If your making Videos, keen to help out promote the Server, on Twitter or FB and want to keep in the loop, reply below and follow us on all the UB Social Media. A Steam Group that is active that you can receive Event invites, reminders for things that are going on (Cop training/meetings, Events, EMS meetings, Staff Meetings, Gang Meetings (TBA) ) will all be setup as a Private invite group for UB Players, you wont receive spam or unwanted player invites from it, it will all be moderated. Every one of us that is passionate about the Community, and want to see it grow, this is a call to you, to step forward, get involved and help us grow. Lets leave all the Trolls and negative stuff behind, step forward past it into the Sun, and help our Community grow into what it should be, the Number One Arma 3 RP Server in Oceanic Arma. Then we will work on the World... :-) - Spectral
  20. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/underbelly/events Events getting posted to the Steam Group, get involved there for all the latest info on Events, Cop Meetings/Training, anything UB Community wise will be up there. Gathering momentum now, the Social Media is all setup, anywhere you can link or share it please do so, every link helps out the Server. Cheers, -Spectral
  21. @LeeF. @elk003 @Shadow @Happy Potato @Grimm Reaper @KORA @KKAAY @Kitty_Fire @ESMITH @Aidoz @Sebastian @Karma199 @Shibby