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  1. Maybe they couldn't take it, and ran off. Maybe he is in the boot. Perhaps the guy stole the Cop car, and got a pickup and they are posting it on SM.
  2. RED ZONE Zones marked in RED are kill on sight for those INSIDE the Zone. EDITED from "Cop" to all those inside the Zone for clarity. Gang Hideouts Air Drop Mission Convoy Mission Meth Lab Van Weapons Grade Uranium Illegal Trader Admin Area A red zone (also known as a KOS zone) means all form of hostile action and Roleplay against both Cops and Civilians without the use of proper Declaration is PERMITTED. In order for KOS to be active, you must be within the designated red zone or any form of hostile action without a proper roleplay declaration is STRICTLY PROHIBITED as RDM. ADDED Airdrop & Cartel Money Machine - 5 minutes after the Box/Machine has despawned, the Red Zone will disappear. You MUST Redeclare as normal to carry on Combat, once the Red Zone is gone you risk RDM if you do not have a valid declaration up. Meth Van - Moving the Van to use it as a mobile KOS Zone is not allowed. ADDED HERE AS WELL AS ELSEWHERE IN RULESET Edited 1 minute ago by Spectral Hotfix - Added 5 minute timer edit and despawning 9/3/17 - Spectral
  3. I like this photo, it shows what could be a tense moment, or some good RP, or anything else. Maybe the guy in the car is wanted, or robbed the Servo. Are you fine with me using this for the Social Media Charlie? -Spec @Charlie Rogers
  4. New Computer yussss 

  5. Always work to be done, but been finding time to play and having a blast. Great riverboat trip last night, lots of laughs. All in all, good time today. 

  6. Pumped for a laid back weekend of gaming, good food, and maybe a sneaky beer. Ford vs Holden this weekend in Server we will crown a winner!! - Spectral 

  7. "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." Arthur Ashe. I could not be more excited and engaged, and am loving the ability to roll my sleeves up and do some work in this Community. Events, RP, helping wherever asked, its all such a sense of going back to grass roots. Happy. Very happy. - Spectral 

  8. #fightclub

    Should be a great time for all the Community. Make it a night to remember.