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  1. +1 Great friendly attitude, could be a great asset to AFP
  2. -1, Havent seen any decent roleplay with civs, is quite loud and easily excited and has misused comms and doesnt seem very invested in roleplaying, seems like you prefer to just hang out with friends and have a bit of a goof around, You're a nice person dont get me wrong i just dont think your ready for Sergeant.
  3. -1, Personally your misuse of the radio and very agressive response to any advice or critiscism given to you by any officers makes me believe you are not mature/able enough to handle a role such as Inspector, I've been unable to get onto the server lately due to multiple issues but i am simply commenting on your behavior that i've seen over and over.
  4. Im going to have to -1, I think someone in your position should really dedicate himself to each rank to show us that you are willing to really show you want to be a part of the afp for the right reasons, Also i find the fact that the same people who approved your Cadet interview being the same people who vouched for you kind of odd, Perhaps you should have asked different officers who have different opinions. I havent been on lately due to multiple issues so i cant comment on your behavior, I'm simply stating this due to your particular circumstances.
  5. +1, Mature guy and willing to help whenever he can, loves to get into roleplay and have good clean fun.
  6. +1, great guy and keen roleplayer, A true asset to the afp
  7. +1, Great guy, Always willing to help and deserves the Promotion
  8. Willing to Vouch for Senior Sergeant ItzWayz aswell, His actions as a cop are incredible, He is mature beyond his years and genuinely has great ideas when it comes to improving the AFP +1.
  9. You completely missed the entire meaning of this post
  10. As Layla has revived this thread, I feel like i'll post an Update after a Monitor dying and my C:drive aswell.
  11. So i decided laying in my bed at 4am, Unable to get myself to sleep i would share an opinion with everyone that has made me wonder. The issue/concern/opinion what ever you take it is is that While Cops are playing as Civ they are not liable to being Punished by the IA department for any ill-doing. Personally i see this as, how i would subtly put it, Bull ****, Regardless if your are a cop playing as civ or cop playing as cop, You're trolling or rule breaking/offensive actions should be dealt with by Internal Affairs, As when you are on as Cop or Civ you are directly representing the AFP as an entirety, Any actions you take are a direct representation of the AFP, I don't see how this is allowed to take place as at the end of the day the AFP will take notice of your actions and so will the Civilians/EMS. I understand Internal Affairs is not an easy Job, I've talked personally to Cain and Aza it isnt 'Fun' or 'Cool', It's time intensive and punishing fellow AFP members and friends is not easy for them, But as i stated above this rule needs to be changed, as Any actions you take on the server represent not only yourself as a person but the AFP aswell.
  12. I got a week long warning tag for simply saying the word Ni**er, I don't think your chances are very high if you made a joke about the death of a community member.
  13. -1, I havent seen you actively trying to roleplay or get yourself in the 'Good Books' of the AFP.
  14. As a Wings Trained Medic, I found the job enjoyable, However i've resigned as i wish to devote more time trying to improve the police force instead, the lack of medics at the moment is extremely odd, due to the high ammount of individuals that have shown interest, perhaps there needs to be some new head medics put in place.
  15. +1 Keen roleplayer and has shown he is a good cop capable of handling himself in a situation whether it's Combat or Roleplaying, Only improvement would be getting a better microphone