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      Aussie's Twitch Stream   28/10/16

      Watch Aussie work on the Australia Map  https://www.twitch.tv/ausisland
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      Server Rule Changes   04/01/17

      A few rules have changed/amended, please look at the amendments list and get familiar with the new changes, Cheers   http://underbellyarma.com/index.php?/topic/1360-amendments-list/#comment-7506  


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  1. +1 Seen Good Rp from him
  2. Seen good RP from him +1
  3. +1 Agreed with Shibby
  4. Electric Ukulele BABY
  5. Name (First Name): Sammy Date: 10/01/2017 Year of Birth: 2002 In-Game Name: Sammy Player ID (GUID): Will give if needed Current Rank: Scon Desired Rank: SGT Training Officer(s): Matthew,Mitta,gandolf and Bart Trained Officers (if applying for Senior Constable or above): whiskey,whitto,khayyy and Turbo Members of the P.D willing to vouch for your promotion: Mitta, Matthew and Bart Qualifications Acquired (i.e. Wings/SWAT/etc.): Notes/Comments:
  6. Huge ******* +1 Jessman is one of the best GDs out their Great RP and Skills in combat GL
  7. +1 Weird and touches people but is good at RP should be givin a chance
  8. Your name (first name sufficient): In-game name: Sammy GUID: Will give if need Ping: 70 Age (put your age or the year you were born, do not put your full DOB): 2002 Do you have teamspeak 3 and a working microphone: Yes Do you have the ability to record your gameplay/audio and upload evidence if required: No Have you read and understood the Medic Rules: Yes Have you read the Medic SOPs: Yes Reason for applying for the Medic Team: to be part of the medical team and play with my friends Whiskey, Kayyyy , Dean and Tiger Name two whitelisted medics who can vouch for your ability to RP and play by the server rules (ask them if you can reference them before applying): Kayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Dean and Tiger How do you feel you can contribute to the Medic Team and what gameplay skills do you have? I went to a medical schoooll
  9. +1 One of the best cops i have seen Great Leader, Good Shot and Can't drive
  10. I did not know what was happening I was just nodding my head
  11. Was on leave as it holidays
  12. and Shot a dude down for no reason infront of us -1