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  1. Warning, the loot is completely random! 1. Head to an outlaw outpost or gang hideout. 2. Buy an underwater charge. (Price is 45k) 3. Buy some diving gear from a diving shop. 4. Head to a shipwreck found on the map looking like this. (You should be able to see the ship broken down in this radius) : 5. Place the charge on the shipwreck by opening your menu (Y) and selecting it and clicking use. 6. Make sure to have your diving gear on and you should have roughly about 20 seconds to swim as far away as possible. 7. After the ship has exploded, you should be able to swim back up to it and press T, this will open it. 8. The shipwreck should have a random item, which varies in quantity. 9. Profit!! (Made by Dragon)