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  1. Thats the reason why I submitted this, had not done anything especially anything worth a perm.
  2. I was talking in side chat to spectral as I realised it was the same person from Strayagaming. Had some banter but I made certain I never abused him or took anything to far because of the standard staff abuse. After he disappeared I got banned from teamspeak by spectral without reason and after trying to reach to him in game I got no response. These are the server logs- <00:09:28> You were banned permanently from the server by "Spectral" <00:09:28> Disconnected from server <00:17:24> Trying to resolve hostname ts.underbellyarma.com <00:17:25> Trying to connect to server on ts.underbellyarma.com <00:17:25> You are banned permanently.
  3. Cheers cutie <3 <3
  4. Your name : Kieran In-game name: Edith Madiq GUID: 76561198089462244 Ping: 70ms avg. Age (put your age or the year you were born, do not put your full DOB): 16 Do you have teamspeak 3 and a working microphone: Yes Do you have the ability to record your gameplay/audio and upload evidence if required: Yes Have you read and understood the Medic Rules: Yes Have you read the Medic SOPs: Yes Reason for applying for the Medic Team: For a different way to roleplay instead of rp'ing as a civilian. Name two whitelisted medics who can vouch for your ability to RP and play by the server rules (ask them if you can reference them before applying): Mitta Bojangles, Shadow How do you feel you can contribute to the Medic Team and what gameplay skills do you have? : I have maaaaany hours on roleplay servers so I can roleplay any situation pretty much I also have many hours of serious and tight flying plus a lot of other hours training police officers ( on other servers ) and other people how to fly effectively. I have developed a lot of roleplay skills by being a cop in a community for most part of a year and conducting over 100 training and have participated in a loooot more other RP situations including hostage situations, suicidal people etc. Plus I'll make the medic radio channel heaps of fun to be in
  5. +1 REAL LAD, great cop, can roleplay and is nice <3