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  1. +1 Every rp encounter i've had with this bloke has been pretty good and he is usually fairly cooperative from the run ins i've had
  2. Can agree with this one ;), I know i'm not a cop but after literally having the 2 hostage for around 20 minutes i decided to check there radios and to our surprise they werent scrambled at all and when i talked into the radio the cops only had just said that they're changing the frequency
  3. +1 Had some awesome RP with this fella today that eventually turned into a fellow officer ruining it a bit but overall it was good and he was a great officer and showed that he knew what he was doing - [MEMES] Phil Mcok
  4. +1, Good RP everytime i've ran into him and overall good cop in my eyes!
  5. That's besides the point, there was 0 roleplay whatsoever, would hate for a cop to roleplay like that.... Anyway, don't wanna start a flame war just an input of my experience.
  6. -1, Can agree with Sebastian.... Very little roleplay..... Ran up to myself today knocked me out robbed me and then after my money was taken says you're getting robbed mate and attempts to drive off then when shot out of the vehicle he logged out of the server. Have it recorded to back this up.