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  1. +1, kidnaps me and takes me on adventures while doing weird voices while doing so. Good driver, and great at listening.
  2. -1, have heard bits and pieces, but witnessed Tracer messaging time police while serving time in Supermax. If I'm wrong about you being in there, please correct me, but from what I know, you were in SM and had sent a dispatch messages. Which, in RP terms, you wouldn't have been able to.
  3. +1, great guy, sticks with rp, great on comms, listens top instructions.
  4. That Toyota TLC-100 would be pretty nice to have at our disposal as the Holden Patrol going off road can be dodgy at times.
  5. +1, good with rp, listens to instructions good, can't drive.
  6. Yes, as far as I know, it's a possible server sided issue. A few people are currently getting it. From what I hear, they're waiting to see if restart (in 15 minutes) fixes it.
  7. +1, he has been very helpful to me in learning more about both server rules and sops and the appropriate interpretation of them.
  8. I have seen you around, but I can't say I've had much rp with you. This is a neutral comment, I hope to have to rp interaction with you.
  9. Took this guy on a ride along and he asked amazing questions about our sops, what we do in certain situations, etc. It's a +1 from me.
  10. +1, top guy, has great rp, a good sense of humour, tactically sound and listens to instructions.
  11. 1. I stated you need to build up rep with other officers and get good quality rp in. 2. You didn't actually ask if I'd vouch for you.
  12. AFP Police Promotion Application NOTE: PLEASE READ AFP RANKS AND REQUIREMENTS PRIOR TO SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION TO SEE IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR YOUR DESIRED RANK. APPLICANTS WHO DO NOT MEET THE CRITERIAS FOR THEIR DESIRED RANK WILL BE DENIED. Name (First Name): James Date: 13/1/17 Year of Birth: 1993 In-Game Name: Turboman Player ID (GUID): Current Rank: SConst Desired Rank: SGT Training Officer(s): Cain, Aza, Anthony, Matthew, Shadow, Aidoz Trained Officers (if applying for Senior Constable or above): Fuzz, Matacus Members of the P.D willing to vouch for your promotion: Whiskey, Sammy, Benji Qualifications Acquired (i.e. Wings/SWAT/etc.): Notes/Comments: I thank you all for the effort put into helping me learn. I am a big believer of chain of command, when there's people of lower ranks on I usually take charge a lot. When there's those of higher rank I will usually take more of a following orders path, to which I will put my opinion in on. I am looking forward moving into a higher rank to take charge of things more when appropriate. I feel I have gained a great deal of knowledge of AFP in my 150ish hours I've racked up as cop.
  13. This is my final post on this. 1. That chase was on going and you literally swooped right above us. 2. The constant siren use in Brissy was from the other night.
  14. -1 I hate to have to do this, but Kkaay has been borderline trolling while on medic. While in a pursuit, he constantly was swooping us and causing interference. He's been seeing responding to numerous incidents in a chopper, which as far as I'm aware he doesn't need to be unless they are a significant distance away from a hospital. He has been asked a few times by cops to lay off the constant sirening in Brissy while in a chopper, to which he did not listen to.
  15. +1 great rp, very useful and listens to instructions well.
  16. +1 he has been more active after Christmas and is always an asset.
  17. +1 top guy, has taught me some useful stuff.
  18. +1 Sammy has some good rp and some top humor at times. Needs to be a tad more active. I feel sgt will help Sammy learn and grow.
  19. The way I see it, SGT is essentially the start of any kind of real command position, to which once in the role, I will be looking to take charge more. As SConst I have organised and kept tabs on GD patrols while no other event is happening, as evident by my random checking in on people who have been silent for some time. All of which will pick up as I come into SGT.
  20. +1, I've played with him a bit before, though his rp has grown quite extensively lately as he seems determined to get in to AFP. I think he would be a great asset.
  21. I think he uploaded his app, as a document.
  22. +1, has been rather active, and rather helpful when there has been multiple cadets/const's on. Has managed training cadets and helping them on their way. He can get a bit heated at times, but I feel this is something he will have to be able to control.
  23. +1, he has come far with his RP, and I feel he is ready to be a cadet and work from there.
  24. +1, top RP, willing to learn, listens to commands and does as he is instructed.