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  1. My work here is done. - AFP Superintendent Turboman (STAG Commander) (Head CSI)
  2. Doesn't look empty to me...
  3. We're still rarely using them. We're using it as an unofficial rule. If you have an issue with this, see either myself or Supt. ItzWayz. I'll be around to talk in about 45 minutes in TS.
  4. Any idea on when the TLC100 will get a working lightbar / Burst Sirens? And when the new cop uniforms (SSGT, Insp, Super, etc) will get added into the cop clothing store?
  5. I'd probably work your way into the community a bit bud, so we can all see what your RP is like. Y'know what I mean?
  6. Can't say I've ever seen you on the server.
  7. Can't say I've ever seen you on the server.
  8. As I said, we aren't using Cop Medic. We're just using medkits for the fact they fully heal.
  9. Well, we have medkits again. But from what I've seen no one is really utilising cop medic, just utilising the kits for the full heal.
  10. I thought that was a myth, because no one could confirm or deny it for me.
  11. Just to add the 2 things I noticed not on the list. Cops have medkits back, but I don't think we're using Medic Cops much. Cops also took a pay cut.
  12. It wasn't edited out, you can faintly hear it as that's how we heard it. And it was an invalid dec anyway.
  13. -1, Constant troll. RDM's. Soundboards. Combat logs. Rams vehicles. https://youtu.be/zJEtCEhbHS4 https://youtu.be/xoioo5gE6WU https://youtu.be/6IA03zjCdOc
  14. This is my final post on this. 1. That chase was on going and you literally swooped right above us. 2. The constant siren use in Brissy was from the other night.
  15. -1 I hate to have to do this, but Kkaay has been borderline trolling while on medic. While in a pursuit, he constantly was swooping us and causing interference. He's been seeing responding to numerous incidents in a chopper, which as far as I'm aware he doesn't need to be unless they are a significant distance away from a hospital. He has been asked a few times by cops to lay off the constant sirening in Brissy while in a chopper, to which he did not listen to.