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  1. May not be a medic ut have had some RDM encounters with him.
  2. Haven't encountered many FEARE members ingame but 3 members of FEARE helped me settle i to the server giving me advice on what to do. Thanks guys!
  3. I'm going to worship you...
  4. Fair enough. Good luck and if you need anything just message me
  5. You still looking for a gang to run with?
  6. Food and water can be bought from the Market. Weapon store at Darwin Outlaw is the Harly Quinn model. Just scroll wheel on her and you'll see it. Good luck dude, if you have any more questions just ask.
  7. Welcome to the server mate. Hope to see yu around and like the previous members mentioned, the staff are great so chat to them if you need anything.
  8. Just taking note of the fact I have been killed many times by the bicycles in game. Simply running near them or just riding them near a car or wall will insta-kill your character. Is this issue fixable? If so is it being looked in to?
  9. Damn the Bunnings and Gas Station look great. Give a good vibe to the server.
  10. Yeah I would have to agree, multiple occasions when iI have done something and got in trouble with admins and when i looked into server rules, and it wasn't an official rule.
  11. Yeah thas fair enough. I guess I'm just tred of trying to play legal and getting robbed and killed 24/7 lol
  12. Sup Underbelly, After seeing a post by @BartAllen about Brisbane being a server hotspot that is abused by Trollers. I have come from servers like Straya and Darkside which heavily lacked RP and I thought a server that required mods would weed out the time wasters etc. but they don't. An example of this is RDMing. I have been killed endless times without a declaration and for someone trying to play a heavy role play legal CIV life this is extremely frustrating. I have only met about 10 people who play along with role play and they tend to be cops. So people please can we role play or at least go to a different area of the map like a KOS area an knock yourselfs out or just play Wasteland. Thanks, Swifty
  13. I have to agree Bart, Even as a CIV, Roleplaying can be a challenge. Brisbane tends to get busy with trolls who are only there to kill cops with no RDM reason. They might bait cops out of Brisbane to Rye, and just spray down cops. I would like to see some serious Role Play on the server with checkpoints and RBT's but unfortunately with the "Trollers" it's near impossible.
  14. Welcome Capone!, Hope to see you around!
  15. Ahh ok thanks Kitty! =]