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  1. skymax airlines

    Hey guys I am happy to announce that skymax airlines have arrived to Australia to serve the great citizens of Australia we operate out of Brisbane we have some great services and deals to giveaway to give someone the trip of a lifetime which if you are a passenger on my aircraft there will be food drinks for the flight which as for the pilots wanting to join my business you will start on small planes and helicopters then the next level is flying a bigger passenger aircraft If you are intersted in joining message me and I will get back to you as soon as I can respond as I will be busy with getting the business organised Thanks from Litesoccer
  2. First name (Callum) In game name (Litesoccer) UID (76561198138627041) Amount Donated ($20) Additional Note(s): Tier 2 and my in game level is 3
  3. Name: Litesoccer Hours on Arma: well I am new but I have been playing on if you have heard of thedarksidegamng I was on that server and I can shoot I also know how to role play very well which I have been playing Arma 3 for a good 3 to 4 years so yeah I have a lot of experience Do you have a problem with authority being told what do): No Are you slaymord: No Any experance working in team groups: yes I lot I have experienced some squeakers which I didn't like but it happens I like it when the coms clear and only call out if you see the enemy or if you are getting robbed which as I do have 3 to 4 years experience I think that I am one of the some most experienced players which a long time ago which I was still playing on the darkside gaming server I used to be a sergeant and all of the higher ranks said that I have the most experience in that server but this is a different server I hope to make friends and try not to make to many enemy's just a lot of friends but that is enough from me which I am Litesoccer and thanks for reading my recruitment post for [ATL]