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  1. Your name (first name sufficient): Drew In-game name: Drew K Briefly describe why you would consider yourself a worthy role model for other medics?: I never break roleplay, never break rules. Nearly always online ( Because i have no life at all ) I always to respond to situations in a responsible and fast way. How do you feel you can contribute to medics and what game-play skills do you have?: I feel like i could contribute alot since of the skills i have in driving and roleplaying ( Half of you think im a troll) I never intend to troll at all. Name two white-listed medics who can vouch for your ability to RP and play by the server rules (ask them if you can reference them in this application): @tom @KKAAY Notes/Comments: I dont like muffins, i like cupcakes
  2. underbelly times

    Heres a few i have collected over my time....
  3. Does that me your like watching my app or me in game?
  4. +1 This guy is the funniest one out, i think he would be a great addition to medic team
  5. Been playing drums since i was born, dad put me on his lap and i held the drumsticks. Still playing to this age. 13 years!
  6. Gone over and over my sops about 7 times now, think i know em now aye
  7. Thanks heaps bro, atleast someone knows im trying
  8. Reasonable bro, guess im getting declined aye
  9. First off, that was my first time ever speeding up and down runway in a long time, i have never really trolled cops. When you put your sirens on i thought those were dec, thus resulting in me shooting. Was a pre siq jump tho