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  1. @Woody yeah ik about that basically i did a ton of rp with cops and stuff with SConst. Whitto before he was a cadet, then i went on holidays for 2 weeks, so ppl sorta forgot.
  2. +1 great rp and good at leading certainly deserves a promotiom
  3. NOTE: I applied yesterday not remembering that I was going away on holiday today. I will not be able to play on cop, even if I do get accepted for, at least a week. if I am accepted, I would be happy to wait to take my SOP test when I get back if it works out like that. I will keep an eye on this thread and I will still be able to communicate via forum. sorry for the inconvenience!
  4. Name: Ben In-game Name: [GWG] Urg Ping: 70-80 Age/Year of birth: 2001 Do you have TeamSpeak 3 and a working microphone?: Yes I have read and understand the AFP rules and codes: Yes Reason for applying to AFP: I would like to expand my roleplay ability into a field of work that allows me to work with others in a more organised sense Name two whitelisted police of Senior Constable rank or above who can vouch for your ability to RP and play by the server rules (ask them if you can reference them in this application) Do not put an appt in unless you have 2 references: SConst. Ollie Whitto, SConst. Turboman How do you feel you can contribute to the PD and what gameplay skills do you have?: I feel that in joining the police force, I can contribute an utmost standard of roleplay to the force, and because I enjoy holding RP under any circumstance, I think that I could give my services to the force, whilst also showing new players or people who would like to join the police force some ideas and inspiration as to how to improve roleplay. In terms of gameplay, I reckon I'm a pretty crack shot, but I do also think that there are more important skills than that. In saying that, I definitely think that my best area is in discipline and tactics. Having been a part of several other life servers, and having been in a realism unit for about 9 months, I think that I am able to bring a level of tactics with me if I am accepted. fill in a role play story about your cop why are you here?: The story of Benjamin Yourig: Coming from humble beginnings, Ben was born into a family near Alice Springs. His father, David ran a local salt mining company, and when Ben turned 12, he began helping his father out with the business. When Ben first started working with his Father, the company was booming, and a recent discovery in the mining industry allowed for much more efficient work, however with now such a huge amount of salt on the market due to this efficiency, the market crashed just a year after Ben begun working. As the family begun struggling, Ben continued to help his family with mining, which was now only able to pay for their food, water and rent. At the age of 16, Ben begun striving for something more, and thought that his life could mean more than just salt mining in the middle of the Australian Desert, and, just a year and a half later when he turned 18, he moved to Brisbane with the promise that he would find better work and be able to send money back to the family. After getting a job working at Bunnings, he begun sending money back, but only months after he left, he started seeing something strange. He begun to notice that his parents and family were not accepting the money transfers, and that they would never pick up the phone. After a short visit back home, we was shocked to discover that his mother and father were dead, and had been for almost a week. Adding to the shock, was the uncovered secrets of the family after a police investigation. The police found that his parents had been running a drug company, transporting LSD, Illegal weapons and other dangerous goods, from when he was born to when he turned 12, and that they had been murdered by an old rival who had dedicated his life to hunting down the people who put his illegal organization out of business. So shocked at this discovery, he was not sure whether to be angry at their deaths, or at them for being in charge of such an extremely dangerous organization, however after recovering from his shock, he returned to Brisbane, still permanently scarred by the truth that had been uncovered. He then made a realisation, that he could make things like this preventable by joining the police force, because if the company had been caught, it would never have happened. After going for a ride along, he decided to apply... Anyway, if you've made it this far, then thanks for reading my overly long and complicated story! have you read the SOP's and server rules?: Yes
  5. +1 had some great role play in a legal sense with him recently, great at maintaining good RP