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  1. As the title states SRG is currently closed but will be open again in the near future to match server numbers along with police. Please contact Benji or Aidoz for further information or watch this space for further openings with in the team.
  2. -1 sorry man all i have seen from you is trolling and shooting into safe zones. Perhaps it might help for you to brush up on our rules and sops both you can find in this very forum
  3. Sorry, I have just seen this post some times IA can be punishing take yesterday i started at 9am working IA solo didn't stop till 8pm where we had a cop meeting then wrapped up IA after. Let me just say that IA is there for cop issues for example: the breaking of sops, cops trolling or selling cop weapons to civs that sort of thing. When a cop is a civ they fall under the distraction of help desk and the admins that run it. Shibby hit the nail on the head with his post above. If you wish to talk with IA further about this issue please come give me a poke or if I'm in game send me a message I'll be happy to address any thoughts or questions you might have.
  4. Big +1, this guy knows how to role play. I just want to say his rp story....well that happened in game (the whole thing) and well i had to laugh when i was reading it. Your inventive with your rp and very willing to preform that rp. Well done and best of luck on your ap.
  5. and the soundboard that considered to be trolling? look man im not going in for the attack its just my opinion im more than willing to give you a shot man but you can see surely how cops might think with stuff like this. All im saying man and i know you CAN do some great rp that stuff like the sound boards the speeding past pd gets our back up....you know we get about 5 to 10 people a night doing that just to instigate a chase on airfield. Do your lawyer stuff man you have some talent there and its REALLY enjoyable.
  6. -1 i have to say i have not seen anything positive from you in a long time just a lot of trolling. i would suggest that you try fixing your rep some more before applying
  7. -1 im sorry but every time i see you its a troll just yesterday i saw footage of yourself and a vdm whilst playing music pas the pd. No lie you confuse me telling me that you want to turn around and get a good rep them with in 5 mins you destroy that and go back to being a troll.you have some great rp when you WANT to but i feel when you grow bored and thats often you resort to trolling. frankly im not comfortable with you in the police force but thats just my honest opinion
  8. +1 i think he has what it takes. A good level head on his shoulders along with some great rp skills. Im personally looking forward to seeing what you can do with a higher rank
  9. +1 i told you just moments ago you have my respect. You are a great cop and i have been noticing you for awhile. I have seen you on the field and from what i have seen i can rest easy with you watching my back. Well done mate
  10. i agree civ behaviors can effect Seb but let me rephrase: it should not be the guiding factor. More so when no evidence is provided then words are just words, they will have weight but with out proof means next to nothing....provide evidence and i'll change my vote
  11. +1 Dizzy you have my respect as an officer i can always count on you to have my back. I know your great in command situations and always willing to take on that responsibility you are one of a few i would recommend for this rank. There is more to Super and inspector than just commanding situations its also about leading a force driving it to do well and to operate easily again you are one of a few that are ready to step in and achieve this. Well done weather you get this rank you not, be proud brother.
  12. I'm sorry woody no one should be judged from actions on civ. If you have an issue with his app then that's fine place make sure it's constructive and hes able to learn from your comment. If he is breaking rules please prove IA with evidence. An accusation with out evidence is worthless. +1 I'm however giving Mathew a +. I think since Mathew gained the rank he has really earned respect of his fellow officers. Hes great in the field and is always willing to take responcibility for any situation that has been given him with out complaint. Mathew is one of just a few cops i think are ready for Super
  13. -1 have to be honest i didnt know you were really a cop. My advice my friend it spend more time as cop and get your name out there. Willing to turn this into a +1 when i see more of you
  14. +1 i have been really pleased with how you hold yourself as a cop. You had a few setbacks along the way and lets face it we all have its how you learn from your mistakes that makes you and you have. I remember you asking me will i make sgt? i remember for awhile that was your goal be proud of yourself weather you get this promo or not, well done
  15. Feedback is great weather negative or positive as long as that feed back is constructive. We are heading out of the realms of being constructive and into finger pointing. Any further comments along this line will be deleted. Please think your comments out before posting them ask yourself is this constructive and will some one learn from my comment. Thank you