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  1. Are there others with this issue?
  2. ADJUSTMENTS Y menu shops should say proper buy price Tax office cop amount check redone Vehicle not impounded still costs money initially - fixed house crate limit fix. WORKS! auctionhouse master array re script Airdrop spawn restriction Drill now gives timer for all gang members plus all cops.. Cop SRG Weapons by Leany SRG shop license restriction SRG loadout License check hint (wallet has been seized) changed drill timer to 7min fn_craft_updateFilter.sqf bug fix mission shop added to Melb and Syd hanger for crop dusting mission moved hangers All Aiports removed some triggers that gave hints on the map to help with FPS and Memory general clean up on map removing some items that can add for FPS lag Num pad full of animations Sitdown on chairs Night club dancing works (music to be added next) weaponshopfilter error due to leany and garrys ===CDT=== shop listing to check Taser PBO update PUT FERRARI Back in SRG addaction for loadout (refer #278) Textures fixed tribal fta heli pinky
  3. need someone who can update the loadin news articles. msg me on ts
  4. NWO

    come chat to us on teamspeak
  5. ADDED - timed buy limit on certain buyable ymenu items - Key pad pin access for breaking into prison - Weapon access after exiting a vehicle (about 5 seconds) ADJUSTED - There are now only 2 dealers (change position every restart) - Dynamic Market lowest amounts have been raised FIXED - cops needed displayed wrong rank - House raid notification said "anys house is.." - House raid does not notify all server anymore only who needs to know - Market system exploit - Robin (average time) crop dusting was too high
  6. Hi guys, these are straight from out To Do list, any further suggestions/details people would like to see, please comment below. - [ ] Business System (PRE DEV STAGE) - [ ] Government System - [ ] Death Screen Update (ON HOLD) - [ ] Bountys + on intro - [ ] Cop Patch (PARTLY DONE) - [ ] Whitelisted Jobs (pilot,towie,firefighter etc) - [ ] UB Customs - [ ] Gang Shed Processing Perk - [ ] Status bar update (colored) - [ ] Keypad Update (more dynamic animated) - [ ] Lollipops (DONE) - [ ] Atm dialog update - [ ] Contested Zones (king of the hill type) - [ ] Msg all gang button in phone - [ ] Msg all civilians (certain rank above) This list is NOT in any order, and is not limited to only this... list may change without any notice at any time. Fresqo
  7. this is simple to add.. will add it
  8. I think we should keep stats as we have currently but place it like this pic and also change color so its easier to see and also put a bar behind it.. All the way across ? im also thinking of dropping the xp bar down and making it as wide as the food/health and water bars so its bigger. Can we get some suggestions as what our basic xp gives?. at the moment it gives more centrelink per lvl..
  9. Something like this is in the works at the moment!
  10. Level needed for gang sheds is 10
  11. ADDED - Token System + token shop - RPG to airdrop FIXED - Cops only putting people into back seat instead of front of cop cars ADJUSTED - Taru trunk space
  12. this is the worst news since starting this server / community. I have had countless drafts of what to write but none that can express my sadness and concerns enough. Rip Barack , one of the most professional but conservative and memorable rpers, comms and admins we have ever had. Does anyone have any vids of Barack specially ones with the "this is Barack" quote, would love to check em out.
  13. Patch notes including yesterdays patch. ADDED: - GMC Van to meth run instead of RV - Added more skins for some Jonzie vehicles - Purple smoke to meth van when cooking FIXED: - Meth run bug (added chance of more cooks, msg when about to blow) - Bank bug (not being able to clear money from table as cop) - Bank bug (drill not opening vault door) - Weed field not growing - Bank initialization bug ADJUSTED: - Taken out some vehicles (more will be added soon as will new crafted vehicles in coming days) - Skin colors for some vehicles - Meth Van spawn timer longer than 2 minutes - Get tags distance reduced to 100 metres