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      Staff Applications are now Open
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      Media and Video Team - Recruitment   26/03/17

        Hey guys,  Been very impressed with the feedback and talent from getting to work with the Textures team, and the work they are doing is amazing.  So with that in mind I am on a recruitment drive. If you :- - have technical proficiency in Skinning/Texturing - are able to complete high quality work  - can work within a team or do solo projects  Then I would love to have a chat. Discussion will include what you receive for your efforts.    Video Production  High quality montages of RP, good episodes of life on Server, stuff you upload to own channel and are happy to have reposted. Not interested in killing sprees, dank memes, trolling or anything that portrays the Server or Community in a bad way. I am also looking for :-  A News Team. In game, in a Van/Heli. Following the stories that matter, and filming Events. Making up news. The old farms closing down, new Cruise ship in Sydney harbour. RP with props.  Also some other things. TBA!!   Come see me in TS, I will be asking for a Media Team Channel setup with a lobby to be made.  Cheers  -Spectral   
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    • Spectral

      Forums and Events, and Community   09/04/17

      Take a peek. Cheers. - Spectral   


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  1. REMOVED - Cop Checkpoints - Navman - DK switches ADDED - Ability to have Gang vehicle skins (enquire with staff) - Navid ammo - 3 more planes for commercial pilot - Freq status to cop menu - Ability to buy a house after a few minutes of a sale - 2 more commercial pilot slots - Added money for commercial pilots per passenger - Jonzie Supra to donor and second hand car shop - 2 months AFK house automated delete - Door breaching charges for cops - supermax maximum time can now be 40minutes FIXED - bug with crates (cant put any more storage in house error) - Gang hideout LSD processing - Restricted weed to be grown near gang hideouts - Can lock commercial plane from inside - Can pay bail only from Supermax prison - Question Dealer bug - pardon not removing stars - removed cop medics - Bolt cut bank restriction - Airdrop KOS larger and stays longer (RULE CHANGE RE THIS ALSO) - Evidence pick up bug
  2. tax bags give more moneynow
  3. tlc with lightbar is on the list todo
  4. this patch list is still work in progress and more things will be added soon!
  5. REMOVED Removed CUP Weapons Completely Removed Gun Store from Brisbane Removed Medikits for cops ADDED Added NIArms and replaced everyone's CUP weapons with the new weapons pack. Added new Cop clothing and vehicles Added new Medic clothing Added new donator Items to buy (Skins) (forum shop coming soon) Added Hot Air ballon Added Commercial Pilot Slot Added Commercial Plane Added NVS to SRG and CIV. Added Chop Shop restrictions/logs added message all Civ's by Cops/medic's Added pilot request message Added gang funds can be withdrawn by gang owner Added penthouses to buy Added a !roll function to chat for (scissor/paper/rock style rp) Added an illegal hunting mission Added Subway items to buy Added Ipods with some car music functionality Added a court house plus Jury script Added reserved slots for donators Added ability to use local prisons (7min timers) Added fish in Added more medic slots Wanted stars for notoriety FIXED/ADJUSTED Changed locations of some runs (LSD, HERION) Updated donator teirs from 5 to 3. moved salt trader to outside of the safezone at Alice Springs Moved shops around in the major cities. Updated police Weapons/attachments. updated Civ weapons with attachments for Pistols. Updated and organized Police Fines list. Map Updated Updated and Reset Tax Office, now bags are 500k per. Created 2 SRG loadouts( Standard operator and support) Made Cop Items in the "Y" menu illegal, E.G spikestrips, handcuffs Made Porn legal House Owners can now move crates around their house Invisible backpacks when riding harleys Increased medic paycheck fixed auction house rockhampton (and names of AH's) fixed a cooking bug fixed dirty cop to sell (prison keycards) reduced the player cap fixed fishing fixed boat crafting
  6. ADJUSTMENTS Y menu shops should say proper buy price Tax office cop amount check redone Vehicle not impounded still costs money initially - fixed house crate limit fix. WORKS! auctionhouse master array re script Airdrop spawn restriction Drill now gives timer for all gang members plus all cops.. Cop SRG Weapons by Leany SRG shop license restriction SRG loadout License check hint (wallet has been seized) changed drill timer to 7min fn_craft_updateFilter.sqf bug fix mission shop added to Melb and Syd hanger for crop dusting mission moved hangers All Aiports removed some triggers that gave hints on the map to help with FPS and Memory general clean up on map removing some items that can add for FPS lag Num pad full of animations Sitdown on chairs Night club dancing works (music to be added next) weaponshopfilter error due to leany and garrys ===CDT=== shop listing to check Taser PBO update PUT FERRARI Back in SRG addaction for loadout (refer #278) Textures fixed tribal fta heli pinky
  7. ADDED - timed buy limit on certain buyable ymenu items - Key pad pin access for breaking into prison - Weapon access after exiting a vehicle (about 5 seconds) ADJUSTED - There are now only 2 dealers (change position every restart) - Dynamic Market lowest amounts have been raised FIXED - cops needed displayed wrong rank - House raid notification said "anys house is.." - House raid does not notify all server anymore only who needs to know - Market system exploit - Robin (average time) crop dusting was too high
  8. ADDED - Token System + token shop - RPG to airdrop FIXED - Cops only putting people into back seat instead of front of cop cars ADJUSTED - Taru trunk space
  9. Patch notes including yesterdays patch. ADDED: - GMC Van to meth run instead of RV - Added more skins for some Jonzie vehicles - Purple smoke to meth van when cooking FIXED: - Meth run bug (added chance of more cooks, msg when about to blow) - Bank bug (not being able to clear money from table as cop) - Bank bug (drill not opening vault door) - Weed field not growing - Bank initialization bug ADJUSTED: - Taken out some vehicles (more will be added soon as will new crafted vehicles in coming days) - Skin colors for some vehicles - Meth Van spawn timer longer than 2 minutes - Get tags distance reduced to 100 metres