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      Server Rule Changes   04/01/17

      A few rules have changed/amended, please look at the amendments list and get familiar with the new changes, Cheers   http://underbellyarma.com/index.php?/topic/1360-amendments-list/#comment-7506  

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  1. you're good to go ahead with the change mate.
  2. having 2 different names is fine, there are many police officers in game who pkay as a civ undef a different alias, however your actions as a civ under a different alias will impact your position on the police force exactly as seb said.
  3. a specialist team hahaha
  4. there are talks with the DB team on Underbelly to sort out a server wipe for those who have been inactive for a certain period of time or those who plan to never return to the server so homes are freed up for those who want to purchase a new home.
  5. next time you come across an issue with a video on the Forums can you please bring it up with a staff member on teamspeak and not in the Forums as Riverwolf stated....Thanks.
  6. haha, Iv'e never been to jail ;-) cops can't catch me haha.
  7. not sure if you know this but when a cop shoots a wanted criminal their wanted level then disappears so it'd be pointless to shoot a civ then revive and detain them in my opinion.
  8. yeah, I'll have a chat with some of the Feare boys.
  9. I'll be able to monitor events soon, waiting on Telstra to fix my phone lines
  10. have moved this to the YouTuber section dude :-)
  11. we've been trying to get a tax office tutorial done but it's hard to do it in a server when it's heavily populated.
  12. turtle poaching doesn't work at the moment neither does fishing we're trying to get a fix for it and I can speak with @ESMITH about getting a Money Forging tutorial put up.
  13. thanks Leany ;-)
  14. only just saw this, CONGRATULATIONS MATE and all the best in your future endeavours.
  15. sounds like a brilliant idea :-) good think I have about 20 go karts haha