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      Staff Applications are now Open
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      Media and Video Team - Recruitment   26/03/17

        Hey guys,  Been very impressed with the feedback and talent from getting to work with the Textures team, and the work they are doing is amazing.  So with that in mind I am on a recruitment drive. If you :- - have technical proficiency in Skinning/Texturing - are able to complete high quality work  - can work within a team or do solo projects  Then I would love to have a chat. Discussion will include what you receive for your efforts.    Video Production  High quality montages of RP, good episodes of life on Server, stuff you upload to own channel and are happy to have reposted. Not interested in killing sprees, dank memes, trolling or anything that portrays the Server or Community in a bad way. I am also looking for :-  A News Team. In game, in a Van/Heli. Following the stories that matter, and filming Events. Making up news. The old farms closing down, new Cruise ship in Sydney harbour. RP with props.  Also some other things. TBA!!   Come see me in TS, I will be asking for a Media Team Channel setup with a lobby to be made.  Cheers  -Spectral   
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    • Spectral

      Forums and Events, and Community   09/04/17

      Take a peek. Cheers. - Spectral   

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  1. I'm actually surprised no one made a video for this. Cheers Woody.
  2. ANYONE WHO DOESN'T ABIDE BY THESE RULES WILL BE WARNED AND OR BANNED!!!! RULES ON TREATING STAFF WITH RESPECT Players must respect all staff members at all times from Probation Moderators right up to Server Owners. Under no circumstances are you to abuse staff members for any reason in game or in teamspeak. If a staff member is abusing you in game please let another staff member know. If a Probation Moderator or a Moderator is busy with another issue please be patient and don't go over their head to a higher up. If you are not happy with the decision a Probation Moderator or Moderator has made please do not abuse them for it. You may request to speak to an Admin about the decision made by the Probation Moderator or Moderator but please ask them to contact us first. Probation Moderators and Moderators are still staff, treat them as such. Please do not leave the channel if a Probation Moderator or Moderator is dealing with you because it will make things worse for you. If you don't want to speak to a Probation Moderator or a Moderator please request them to ask an Admin to speak with you. At the end of the day we trust Probation Moderators and Moderators to make the right decision, if you aren't happy with the decision made you may request to speak to an Admin. Admin's word is final, please to not argue with an Admin or be cheeky with us as it will not be tolerated. PLEASE TREAT ALL STAFF MEMBERS IN A WAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED!!!!
  3. SHOWING STAFF IN GAME RESPECT!!!!! Time and time again I hear of players abusing Staff in game, I myself have been abused by players in game before because they've been upset by something or been asked to move on. Regardless of whether you're joking or not it's not nice to abuse Staff members! Calling staff members C@!*S or telling them to get EFFED because you don't like them telling you to move on is not on and you will be warned or banned for the situation. IF a staff member is abusing you in game for any reason please let another staff member know and we will pull that staff member up for it, at the end of the day all we ask is you show some respect for the Staff members who help run the server and make sure your gaming experience is a good one. SHOWING STAFF IN TEAMSPEAK RESPECT!!!!!! the past few months have been hectic within the Underbelly Server with a significant growth in player population and staff growth too. As you are all aware we have been taking on new Probation Moderators and Moderators to help with the growth and to help with the situations in Teamspeak with Help Desk. The Probation Moderators and Moderators are there to HELP YOU with compensations and any issue within the game it's self. Admins are there for higher up issues like Glitching, RDM and VDM issues. If a probation Moderator is busy sorting out an Issue already please try and get in touch with a Moderator, if neither are available please feel free to poke an Admin and ask for assistance, if at this time there aren't any staff members available to help please be patient as someone will get to you ASAP. We have had numerous reports of Civilians abusing Probation Moderators and Moderators because they weren't happy with a decision made by them and asking to speak to a higher up staff member (Admins). If you are being assisted by a Probation Moderator or Moderator in Help Desk for any reason at all we ask that do you remain calm and don't yell or abuse the Staff Member helping you because we will advise the Probation moderator or Moderator to not help you. Probation Moderators and Moderators are still staff, just because they aren't Admin it doesn't mean you can treat them any different, every member of staff from Probation Moderator right up to Server Owner are 1 team. If you come to Help Desk please speak to a Probation Moderator or a Moderator first as it's their job to run Help Desk, If at any time you need to speak to an Admin please ask a Probation Moderator or Moderator to get in touch with us and ask if we are free.
  4. (Role-Play is what you would and wouldn't do in real life for those of you who don't know) (Those that are found breaking these rules will be banned) (Fear Role-play, commonly abbreviated 'Fear-RP', is the concept that you are outnumbered 2-1 and your character is afraid to die - Can also be classed as Value of Life). (it is against the rules to pull out a weapon or attempt to run away when your character has a gun aimed at you). Role-Playing as a Lawyer: In order to become a Lawyer you must A. not have a criminal record B. be well presented (wearing a suit) C. must not have weapons of any kind on your person whilst acting as a lawyer D. must not be affiliated with the defendant (person you're representing)
  5. (AS DISCUSSED IN THE SERVER MEETING 09/11/2016) (Trolling is by definition the deliberate act of any action that diminishes the role play or enjoyment of others in any role). (Trolling is a behavior from both civilian and cop with the sole purpose of agitating and annoying people) (Those that are found breaking these rules will be banned) WHAT STAFF SEE AS TROLLING BAITING: Something intended to entice someone to do something I.E: telling people to head to night club for a party or a car meet then declaring on players. Driving slowly outside PD or driving past cops tooting the horn, shouting out profanities or blasting loud music to gain attention from police in order to start a pursuit. When a cop tries to pull you over and you continue to drive slowly or drive around in circles to avoid being pulled over (driving around in circles within a 10m radius). Speeding up and down the Air Field in order to start a pursuit. Refusing to move on after being asked to several times by police and EMS (hanging around PD for no reason at all). Deliberately breaking road rules in order to force a police chase. Continuously blasting music/soundboards in a manner to annoy/agitate other players and refusing to stop when asked. Randomly firing your weapon to draw attention from the police. Driving around in cities is not classed as trolling, if you continue to drive past PD in a manner to draw attention to yourself it will be classed as trolling.
  6. awesome tutorial :-)
  7. thanks for adding non gang into this Kitty :-)
  8. hey Kitty, @ESMITH made the intro clip not AG.hit him up this arvo for the intro clip :-)
  9. Dirty cop Tutorial provided by @DeadShot
  10. Gas Station Robbery Tutorial provided by @DeadShot
  11. Salt Tutorial provided by @DeadShot
  12. Cocaine Tutorial courtesy of @DeadShot
  13. yeah dude, Satchel charges work 2. Iv'e used 2 on each gate before and it's worked.
  14. EMS CODES Code One: Not Responding Code Two: Non Fatal Emergencies Code Three: Fatal Emergencies