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  1. I CALL POLICE ABUSE!!!!! THIS MAN RESTRAINED ME AND PROCEEDED TO DRAG ME EVERY WHICH WAY, SUSPENDING ME OFF THE HOSPITAL ROOF AMONG OTHER THINGS This moment was him climbing down a ladder while I was being escorted. I demand restitution! (Pretty sure I'm like the only person who wears this backpack) =P
  2. From experience as a medic, I can see the relevance of your suggestion. However, from experience as a medic, I feel this mod would be too involved for the team we currently have. There are already 5 mods that are in the server. If this is a new mod, it's another thing to download, install, troubleshoot.. As a medic, I do enjoy RPing different medical scenarios with patients. However, I believe that the setup requires medics to channel a decent amount of additional time dedicated from the medical side. There's a lot of variables that affect an individual and I believe that with the level of response we currently give, installing this mod would increase the participation to the point where effort doesn't equal reward. We would need to increase medic slots, which may encourage more to join at a time, but may run the risk of one medic responding to multiple casualties, pumping time into them and needing to respond to the next case without rest or reprieve. Currently, medics need to txt the party in charge if the situation occurred in combat. The time it takes to txt killer, victim, send replies & head over if they can revive, someone else could have died. The issue I have is if there's few or no medics on, then it would be frustrating for civs to recover themselves. Additionally, I feel the increased workload might drive away medics instead of giving them more to do. Anyway, just my 2 cents =]
  3. May be irrelevant as I'm not a cop. Shadow has come a long way and is a good cop. From a recent experience, Shadow does have some good RP but had been overeager to resolve the situation, resulting in premature decisions being made without following the correct steps. Only minor but was still frustrating knowing he bypassed steps that should have been RPd out more, just to ensure he got the result he wanted. I feel as a prospective Senior Sergeant, and even as a current Sergeant and role model, his needs to not let his eagerness to resolve a situation impede solid decision-making.
  4. Someone's ego is showing... HAHAHA Sounds like a pretty awesome time! Keen for episode #2
  5. Hey guys! It's been a while since I submitted my request and I thought I'd keep you in the loop: I ordered a tank a few weeks ago over the internet and I got accepted!! They delivered it a little while back, so it's about time to share it with you all =] I present to you my pretty little tank:
  6. 😂 That's like my brother; he got 'Noxious Horse' and it's been his name ever since. We call him Nox for short
  7. @Woody don't give up man! Guitar always feels wrong when you first pick it up. It's about training the fingers to be comfortable and remember the chords. It took a solid 3 months for me to learn C, D & G and the whole time my brain was like 'wtf r u doing? This isn't right!' But you just gotta keep at it. Practice going from C to G over & over. Then add in Em. Keep going until your hand does it automatically. It takes for freaking ever I'll tell ya, but it's totally worth it. TBH, my fingers are too missing to play bar chords but all you need is basics and you can play 95% of songs out there. Lol you only need G, D, Em and C to play like every pop song ever written. But my point is don't give up! Tell your brain to keep going, keep trying. It feels so broken but eventually when it comes naturally, you'll look back and realise it was just practice and now you're a guitar pro!! 8^] As for trombone, I'm jelly! Have you seen the cool stuff people do with brass? It's sick! Check out what these smooth dudes do:
  8. I believe this is to do with 3rd partying, not with starting a crime; 17. When robbing Banks, Art galleries, Fuel Stations, etc... ALL GANGS and or Playersmust declare within the first minute or your dec will be invalid and it will be considered RDMing. (It should be edited to say 'within the first minute of the initial declaration message' so as to prevent multiple players from different gangs jumping in on the situation) However, I do agree that the bank doors shouldn't be able to be cracked until 5 cops are on. Especially with the situation in Tasmania, it's hard for cops to respond to a situation when it's already half opened.
  9. I agree with Sebastian. A proby moderator's job is Help Desk. They're the first point of call for issues, which frees up moderators and admins to be called in for cross-reference, support and/or game-related actions. As a proby, I have no in-game powers. My job is to address issues and forward them on to the right parties if my abilities prevent me from fully resolving a situation. We comp players from our bank as opposed to moderators + who can spawn in money. We ask medics or admins to revive people if we determine it is legitimate. All-in-all, the role you describe is pretty much what we do already. Whilst I see where you're coming from, adding an extra step just creates double-handling, which runs the risk of escalating a situation further than necessary due to repitition and wasted time. Most of the issues we deal with can be resolved with our decision making alone. Yes, there are times when bans need to be issued but we have ways to communicate that easily to allow fast response from higher staff. If we were to add a Help Desk assistant, they would need to undergo the same training that probies go through anyway, since they are representatives of the community's staff and the rules. Otherwise, we run the risk of people (though they have good intentions) making poor decisions with little consequence but dire consequences.
  10. We had such an awesome time!! Shout out to the PCT guys who came to cheer on their team. Lots of laughs and some surprises. I have to say I expected to get 0 points, so big thank-you to everyone for teaching me how to read gun stuff cuz I still have no idea what I'm doing =P Awesome event, something different and a good way to test skills. Bring on the next one!! =D
  11. Trombone is hard! Piano is cool =]
  12. Go Whiskey!! =D It's super hard.. You did great!
  13. It's been a few weeks but I'm ready to show you all my secret hidden talent. Without further adieu, I present to you the best of what I can offer =] @Assassin8ed and @Brodie, be afraid!
  14. LOL Woody, let me introduce you to my laptop.. This dinosaur has R2D2'd its way through 2.5 years of life and now, it's decided to die. Every day... I repeat, EVERY DAY it goes through a ritual of startup crashes, freezing, blue screen, diagnosis & repair.. and repeat (x) times if the startup fails. It took me 4 hours to get it started the other day. Today it was 45mins. From my limited knowledge of computers, if you baby them, they will become weak and fickle. IMO, it's mass insults and aggression that bully them into staying alive.
  15. Welcome Mr. Jai =]