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  1. If you have an issue you take it to IA not break RP. And you obviously read what he wrote wrong by SM he obviously meant supermax.
  2. might be good if I wanted to smash my head against the desk everytime I log in
  3. +1 Roleplaying as Channel 7 reporter after i gave him his camera back out of the evidence lockup. Definitely a highlight in a night where cop trolling and car bombing PD was happening.
  4. +1 his SRG training proves he is efficient in combat and I have seen good rp and leadership from him. Definitely want to see him get promoted.
  5. It is only a recent thing. Been playing since day 1 and when I crashed today multiple did as well. Hopefully will be fixed soon.
  6. Should probably play more and build a rep I mean you joined the forums 22 mins ago
  7. It means they are reviewing your application....
  8. Woody nailed it in my opinion
  9. +1 he is a great cop definitely deserves the promotion.
  10. Name (First Name): m**eer Date: 13.1.17 Year of Birth: 23.10.1997 In-Game Name: Bart Player ID (GUID): Current Rank: SConst./SRG.TL Desired Rank:Sgt. Training Officer(s): Leany, Garry, Gambino Trained Officers (if applying for Senior Constable or above): Members of the P.D willing to vouch for your promotion: Insp/SRG Cmder.Aidoz, Super/SRG POptr. Dizzy Qualifications Acquired (i.e. Wings/SWAT/etc.): SRG Team Leader Notes/Comments: Demoted my self because I did not feel I was active enough over Christmas and did not want to take up a slot during this time. Since I have started playing again I have been put in charge of Team 2 in SRG and think I still have the ability to lead leading a bank with the newly acquired SRG Members that went very well considering the situation. Thank you for reading and considering open to any feedback if it is constructive and I can actually use it to improve myself. Side note: 3rd Sergeant App
  11. -1 shows you haven't read the SOP's/rules which you get tested on if your successful
  12. Updated With the new logo made
  13. because I can
  14. In December you put an appeal stating it had been 3 months. It is janruary 3 + 1 = 4. 4 months is not half a year dude. You gonna beg to be unbanned at least don't lie