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  1. Would probs be better if there were photos
  2. This doesn't belong in medic news it belongs in chill lounge...
  3. Did you go to plugins on the teamspeak client and tick the box that says Task force radio if so would recommend going to the installation help on the underbelly teamspeak and wait for the installation bitch
  4. Would reccomend doing medic ride along or speaking to @Brodie to try and get the 2 vouches
  5. There is one in the written tutorials by jarvis. Please check before making a request.
  6. +1 seen good medical Rp from him
  7. I mean congrats on being a medic on another server. You not having vouches will not help and there are many differences between servers. I see you have requested a ride along and would recommend waiting til you get accepted to do one because because you made your account yesterday and not many people even know who you are.
  8. +1 I have seen you be very active and even though there is room to improve you have shown that you would be a capable medic
  9. My 2 vouches: Layla Raven/LeeF And sorry didn't need it on other apps : 76561198129924955
  10. Medic Application Template Probation Period Lasts 3 Weeks Your name (first name sufficient): Tim In-game name: Tim Drake GUID: Ping: 35 Age (Put your age or the year you were born, do not put your full DOB): 18 Do you have Teamspeak 3 and a working microphone: yes You have the ability to record your gameplay/audio and upload evidence if required: yes I have read and understand the Medic Rules: yes Reason for applying the Medic team: I was a young lad I joined the AFP and progressed through the ranks. Unfortunately the commissioner that trained me was demoted and replaced the current one didn't run the force effectively causing us to have some problems which I was then kicked for not taking his warning seriously. I can tell he didn't like me because someone who did the exact same thing only got reported to the internal affairs. I still have a desire to help people and after meeting the Head Medic I can tell he also has that same desire. Name two whitelisted medics who can vouch for your ability to RP and play by the server rules (ask them if you can reference them in this application): I have asked but it is early in the day so will add later just wanted to get this up How do you feel you can contribute to medics and what gameplay skills do you have?: - I completed my Emergency Medical Training in Newcastle at John Hunter Hospital before I was moved in the AFP as a Tactical Medic ( proof Attached) - Radio Discipline - Quick and Critical Thinker