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    • Shibby

      Server Rule Changes   04/01/17

      A few rules have changed/amended, please look at the amendments list and get familiar with the new changes, Cheers   http://underbellyarma.com/index.php?/topic/1360-amendments-list/#comment-7506  
    • Brodie

      Weapon Mod Pack Change   19/01/17

      We are changing our Weapon Mod Pack from CUP Weapons to NIArms. Refer to http://underbellyarma.com/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F1705-weapon-mod-pack-change%2F .    
    • Shibby

      Server Update FAQ   22/01/17

      Please follow the link for the FAQ's on the new Patch. http://underbellyarma.com/index.php?/topic/1738-server-update-faqs-questions-and-answers/  


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  1. You actually threatened to ddos the server, you sent a steam msg to Brodie saying so. The ban msg has nothing to do with you advertising in fact you weren't banned for that! The fact your working on a server is the main reason you won't be un banned now. The likelyness that you will advertise this server at some point is fairly high.
  2. Frames in towns is always going to be tough, though they have improved in the update I currently have... but they will never be 50 FPS in a city. Thats got more to do with Arma's crappy engine
  3. Sorted T5 AG 30 Nov
  4. SORTED T3 AG 28 Nov 16
  5. Aussie has fixed many of the bugs I've been made aware of
  6. SORTED T5 Donatort AG 30th Oct
  7. SORTED T1 Leany 29th Oct
  8. SORTED T1 Leany 29th Oct
  9. On the main page there is a donate button. Select the amount you wish to donate and then click donate and it will take you to paypal. then go here http://underbellyarma.com/index.php?/forum/13-donator-requests/ and fill out those details.
  10. It will also feature a nice price tag
  11. T2 Sorted AG 24th Oct
  12. T1 Donator Sorted AG 24th Oct
  13. SORTED T4 AG 24th Oct
  14. SORTED T2 AG 24th Oct
  15. Sorted T2 AG 18th Oct