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  1. Bondi is coming in a map update along with some other new map features
  2. There's a medic mission that was added last night. (this is civ interactive based) Will be adding a medic version of the VPC bud as well this week.
  3. Fixes: Vehicle clean up. Vehicles will return to the garage if no one is within 300m Truck Shop Changes: Some info stands have been replaced with new NPC models Cartel money mission is now dynamic Cop rank required now displayed instead of cop level required Additions: Hobart Medic spawn, Vehicles spawns EMP Grenade Auction House can be viewed on the y menu now Top 5 crop dusting times now saves to the DB Mods: New cop textures Added static Characters soon to replace info stands over the next week. Converted old JPGS to PAA New Mission: Added more to the Car upgrades frame work
  4. Fixes: Fixed general store and clothing store Brisbane Fixed Dirty cop Willcania Fixed the ammo Hud display Massive clean up of scripts and back end to make things run smoother Fixed a few start up errors Fixed bug with newly bought medic Heli Gang shed crates fix Bikey Dupe Bug Sell/buy house exploit More trees can be chopped bug in money made from captured hideouts defusing kit kick bug Gang sheds have lights on/off button airdrop doesn't drop in same as dynamic blue zone Crafting bug Changes: Status bar Spawn into - has zoom to player position, VB intro theme, + new paper article adjusted prices for cooked foods lowered the bank drill sound fx Additions: Added cooking raw meat in hunting ground (make a camp fire sit down and cook raw meat in the hunting zone) Added double of the amount of animal spawns to the hunting zone Both primary and secondary weapons are now in the police seize crate Added Bunnings to Perth and Brisbane Ability to break people out of super max prison, satchel charge on main gate, and use the key card on the front door to open all doors temp (tutorial coming soon) Added playing XP Ymenu items can now be looted from looting Mods: Fixed Jonzie police lights Added static Characters soon to replace info stands over the next week. New Mission: Added crop dusting mission Earn $400 per second + a bonus if you complete mission. (start the mission at Melbourne or Sydney airport) tutorial coming soon) Added more to the Car upgrades frame work
  5. Keys Action Push⁠-⁠to⁠-⁠talk hotkey in TS Direct Speech. Caps Lock To talk on a radio. Ctrl+Caps Lock To talk on a long range radio. Ctrl+P To open the handheld radio interface (the radio must be in the inventory slot). In that case, if you have a number of radios – you can select the one needed. It is also possible to set the radio as active (the one that will be used for transmission). Also it is possible to load radio settings from another radio with same encryption code. Num [1-8] Rapid switching of shortwave radio channels. Alt+P Opens the long range radio interface – for this action to work, you either have to have long range radio on you, or you have to be in a vehicle as a driver, gunner, or co-pilot. If a number of radios are available – you’ll be asked to choose one. Also, one of them can be set as active. Furthermore, it is possible to load radio settings from another radio with same encryption code. Ctrl+Num [1-9] Rapid switching of long range radio channels. Ctrl+Tab To change the direct speech volume. You can talk: Whispering, Normal or Yelling. Does not affect the signal volume in the radio transmission. Shift+P To open an underwater transceiver interface (you should be wearing a rebreather). Ctrl+~ To talk on underwater transceiver. Ctrl+] Select next handheld radio. Ctrl+[ Select previous handheld radio. Ctrl+Alt+] Select next long range radio. Ctrl+Alt+[ Select previous long range radio. Ctrl+[←,↑,→] Change the stereo mode of handheld radio. Alt+[←,↑,→] Change the stereo mode of long range radio. T Transmit on additional channel of commander radio. Y Transmit on additional channel of long range radio. Esc To exit from the radio interface.
  6. Stick to steam workshop links, we are using that. When they update steam, server will update accordingly
  7. Mod updates Replacing weapons with Cup weapons (dependency) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=497660133&searchtext=cup+weapons Adding Task force radio (dependency) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=620019431&searchtext=task+force+radio There is also a zip file in the TFR steam download @task_force_radio\teamspeak\plugins.zip Unzip this file and copy the files in \teamspeak\plugins\plugins to your plugins folder in the teamspeak directory C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamSpeak 3 Client\plugins Enable taskforce radio plugin on teamspeak. Updated antihack Map fixes Medic Heli spawns Moved air spawns further out putting in the new framework for the vehicle upgrades system we are working on Note the server will be down from 6pm to do all the required updates to the server.
  8. Items in red not yet added Fixes: Tax office Police seized weapons crate Cop medics can see dead people Cop break down doors fixed Oil rigs fixed Paintball fixed Paintball arena made bigger 10 more Paintball spawns (20 in total) Changes: Ultra light cheaper Added back entry to Art Gallery Added Mosque in Adeliade Additions: Chums Mad Max buggy addded to crafting Chums Mad Max interceptor added to crafting Batmobile will now be given away for admin events Police road barriers & cones Police bicycles for cadets Mods: Fixed Police Taurus turning Fixed Police Suburban engine sound and siren sounds Fixed Prius armor rating Fixed Drug dealer skin Changed Police heli skin EC635 Civ & Cop Heli Females Female clothing Female mods have been included but not yet in game New Mission: Drug Mule misson - Buy drug package from a drug dealer and deliver it to another dealer. it costs $2000 x the amount of people online and it sells for $20,000 x the amount of people online. eg 10 people online $20,000 to buy $200,000 to sell. New Animation added: Zombie Animations - for new mission Dancing Animations - for nightclub Threaten Animation Up yours Animation
  9. Vehicles Added Escalade VW Touareg VW Golf Vi Jeep Cherokee Jeep Wrangler Land Rover Merc Ml63 Dodge Grand Caravan Maserati Pagani Zonda Subaru STI Subaru Hatch BMW M5 B206 Police Heli B206 Medic Heli (lands on water) AS350 Civ Heli
  10. Vehicles added Toyota Prius Toyota Supra Toyota Supra Tuned Subaru WRX R8 Hard top Lexus LFA Lexus ISF Bentley continental Fixed Crafting Cop weapons
  11. Added Random city safe zone every restart Melbourne Sydney Adelaide Perth Brisbane Darwin Tax Office (same mission as before) Rule Added - Safe Zones City safe zone does not apply if robbing the bank, other shops when versing police Mod AFP Taurus added AFP Charger Skin Added
  12. TEAM SPEAK RULES if you do not comply with any of the below you will be banned at the discretion of an Underbelly staff member Any kind of racial, sexual, ideological or religious abuse. Unless all parties present are privy to your sarcasm or particular sense of humour this is unacceptable. Ignore without good reason and effort (afk, mic not working ect) any attempt made by a underbelly staff or member trying to contact you. Joining channels that you have not been invited to Trolling in bad taste (according to others in the channel) Joining Police channels if you are a civ, and joining civ Channels if you are a cop. Record and/or save conversations without the consent of ALL present (Unless done for evidence to show to Moderators/Admins and them only) Talking over people and/or interrupting people while they are speaking is ban-able Creating memes of staff or players with out consent. If you haven't been attended to please poke a staff member instead of switching channels to gain attention. Please do not sit in help desk if you are not apart of the situation. You are not permitted to be in help desk to listen to your mates when they need help. Please stay in Spawn Point or Sorted and Happy when switching to TFR to go into game, it's annoying when players switch to TFR from Help Desk because when you leave the game it puts you back in the last channel you were in. While using the Teamspeak Underbelly members will show you respect for your private communications with your friends/clan mates. Please be aware that a super admin may at any time enter your channel as an impartial and objective party in order to clarity client identities, give/revoke permissions, resolve conflict (gameplay related or otherwise) or at the previous request of a user from within the channel. If at any time you believe the Teamspeak may be getting DDOSed/hacked or any form of permissions abuse contact a underbelly admin or senior member immediately. (we will do our best to investigate but without hard proof there is not much we can do) Do not click on suspicious links given to you by players on Teamspeak as this can be used to get your IP address and report to an admin immediately
  13. Fixed Gang hide out processing Fixed Chop shop near earth mine Fixed captured gang hide out names Added more crafting items grenade launcher ammo, more ammo for guns, Vtol Added some Apex weapons Added Suicide vest R8 going back in Cop Chargers back in Mod Added fix for Tryk Vests and helmets Added 2 Mad MAx vehicles Fixed fuel for holden cop car
  14. Where to sell items Chemical trader saltpetre sulfur Processed mercury uranium level 1 uranium level 2 plutonium Processed iridium Earth Trader cement soil glass Drug dealer Marijuana Processed cocaine Processed heroin LSD Drugs Cooked meth Oil Trader Processed oil Processed coal Jewellery Store Cut/Uncut diamond Cut/Uncut ruby Cut/Uncut emerald Cut/Uncut sapphire Cut/Uncut topaz Cut/Uncut garnet Cut/Uncut quartz Cut/Uncut goldnugget illegal_trader Uranium level 3 Weapons grade uraniun Nikos head Snuff Kidneys Stolen Goods Large paintings Small paintings Jewellery Bunnings Treated hardwood Treated pinewood Firewood Bank of Australia Forged Cheques Money Launderer Full bank bags Porndoctor Edited porn Supermax prison Numberplates Museum Dino bones Gold nuggets Gold bar buyer Goldbars Salt tader refined salt Metals Trader Refined copper Refined lead Refined titanium Refined aluminium Refined tin Refined zinc Refined iron Refined gold platinum Fish Trader salema ornate mackerel tuna mullet catshark Wongs Turtle soup Turtle raw
  15. MEDIC HANDBOOK Revive priority list Medics Police officers Civillans (civs who have no weapons illegal clothing) Outlaws Listen to who ever is in control of the situation (whoever is winning) Medics must listen to requests (do not revive (insert name or gang) Medics must be in Teamspeak (ts.underbellyarma.com) in the designated medic channels provided at all times. (unless dealing with staff in help desk) If a patiant has suffered gun shot wounds or a car crash you should recommend that they should be taken to the hospital to be fully checked out. Bbreaking any of Medic rules will result in a three strike system 1 - warning 2 - demotion and possiable temp ban 3 - blacklisted