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  1. Ok, well in that case, every 30-45 mins the freq is meant to change but if you can't call some one on their radio, the chances are they are hostages or they turned them off which they better not have unless informed. If they do and you are sure of the officer being kidnapped, just change it. It doesn't need to go in the SOP's, it's common sense to change the frequency if you believe the radio has been tapped in by civilians.
  2. From all of the Commissioners, ACCEPTED Please see me in teamspeak for your tags and any comms about in game rank.
  3. Although my vote doesn't count, by all means you deserve this rank as for what you go through on a day to day base with the Police Force on this server. Keep it up!
  4. Yeah and no. Being a Cdt means they are being introduced to the cop force and learning the SOP first hand. They already have enough to learn so adding on lethals would make it slightly harder. Another thing is they just started using our equipment. The last thing we want is a rookie black market our weapons and equipment. Last but not the least, they need to learn how to use a taser. It's not as simple to point and click, and all of you cops can agree. Now yes, I know there can be times where if a cadet had a firearm, it could of been better and I've had that first hand as well but that's why they are partnered with another officer who has a lethal stored with them. I've probably missed a lot of things but these are just examples.
  5. Declined. Not enough positive feedback for acceptance. Reapply in 3 days.
  6. Declined. Not enough positive feed back for acceptance. Reapply in 3 days.
  7. Declined. Reapply in 1 week when you have demonstrated you can follow server rules and hand out good roleplay.
  8. I personally think this should be moved over to server suggestions cause it's a big problem.
  9. Sorry, I forgot this post was here, I was only reminded after a notification. After a meeting a few days ago, we spoke about the possible chance of you being unblacklisted from the police force. Every member had their opinion to speak and the results is for the blacklisting to remain enforced until further notice. This can be changed in a later date but unknown for the specific time. In the mean time, please use this as a chance to get better reputation for yourself so you have a better chance of joining.
  10. Jesse or Stellar?
  11. Ok, enough of this. It will be brought up to the higher ranking officers whether you get unblacklisted or not. No more discussing or begging. You will hear from us later on when we have a chance to bring it up so don't go chasing us please or I'll deny it on the spot.
  12. I CALL POLICE ABUSE!!!!! THIS MAN RESTRAINED ME AND PROCEEDED TO DRAG ME EVERY WHICH WAY, SUSPENDING ME OFF THE HOSPITAL ROOF AMONG OTHER THINGS This moment was him climbing down a ladder while I was being escorted. I demand restitution! (Pretty sure I'm like the only person who wears this backpack) =P There is no evidence saying it was you . . . Maybe . . .
  13. Accepted. Please see 2 interviewers for your SOP/General rules test.
  14. I'm going to laugh if you don't have the appropriate license for it. I'll have to check when I appear later.