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  1. Commands and Actions N.B. This is a working document. Changes and alterations may be made without warning Windows key Access ATM Vehicle Interaction – Repair or Unflip When restrained – Move, Rob, etc. Scroll Wheel Shows actions available such as: - NPC interaction - Enter a vehicle - Object interaction (open a door, pick up an ‘I’ menu item) Space Bar Used in conjunction with the scroll when to execute the displayed action Use when running to jump Windows + T Pick up ‘Y’ menu items and money (used when someone dies to gather their belongings) I recommend being in 1st person and zoom so the object is in the middle of the screen I Open the ‘I’ inventory to access personal clothes and gear Can collect ‘I’ menu items off the ground when in proximity Use when next to or inside a car (if you have the keys/car is unlocked) to access the vehicle ‘I’ inventory Use when next to a storage crate (if you have the keys or it’s unlocked) to access the crate ‘I’ inventory Y Open the ‘Y’ inventory to access consumables and resources (like gems, food, lock picks, etc.) T Vehicle storage inventory (Must have keys) Won't work if other players are too close Will work if other players are inside the vehicle while you are outside Shift Sprint Ctrl + Tab Toggle voice volume (Whisper, Normal & Yelling) Caps Talk over the radio Ctrl + P Open the Radio menu Right Ctrl + M Display the GPS + and – Earplugs equivalent Adjust in-game sound effects (vehicles, helicopters, etc.) *Does not affect voice volume through Teamspeak Right Enter on number pad Switch between 1st person and 3rd person view x Crouch z Prone Shift + H Holster a weapon F Draw a weapon G Access the Navman to locate any building (i.e. Centrelink, car shops, market, traders, processors, mines, etc.) C Rest a gun on the nearest point to act as a stabilising device or bipod Hold Alt Free look while holding without affecting player’s direction of travel. View snaps back to preset when released Double tap Alt Freely look with mouse without affecting player’s direction of travel Shift + F1 Puts hands on head Used to restrain a player Player is unable to move or access inventories while in Shift+F1 Shift + R Restrain a player (target must be Shift+F1 and you must have Zipties in your inventory) Alt + F4 Force quit program Combat logging under any circumstance is a bannable offense =(^.^)=