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  1. This has been my all-time favourite run for a long time & I hold it close to my heart. With recent changes, police can now question drug dealers, so it's important to be super sneaky otherwise you might get sprung!
  2. Please ignore all the people in side chat they don't understand the importance of hunting turtles to prevent overpopulation =P
  3. A Figs Tutorial; video credit to @DeadShot
  4. A tutorial of how to do a Gems Run
  5. How to do weed if you're not in a gang =]
  6. here we have the Weed Tutorial courtesy of @DeadShot
  7. tutorial on how to do the prison break.
  8. here we have the Meth Tutorial courtesy of @DeadShot
  9. here we have a video on how to do the Oil Run courtesy of @ESMITH