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Chris Lickytung

Showing Staff Respect

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Time and time again I hear of players abusing Staff in game, I myself have been abused by players in game before because they've been upset by something or been asked to move on. Regardless of whether you're joking or not it's not nice to abuse Staff members! Calling staff members C@!*S or telling them to get EFFED because you don't like them telling you to move on is not on and you will be warned or banned for the situation. IF a staff member is abusing you in game for any reason please let another staff member know and we will pull that staff member up for it, at the end of the day all we ask is you show some respect for the Staff members who help run the server and make sure your gaming experience is a good one.




the past few months have been hectic within the Underbelly Server with a significant growth in player population and staff growth too. As you are all aware we have been taking on new Probation Moderators and Moderators to help with the growth and to help with the situations in Teamspeak with Help Desk. The Probation Moderators and Moderators are there to HELP YOU with compensations and any issue within the game it's self. Admins are there for higher up issues like Glitching, RDM and VDM issues. If a probation Moderator is busy sorting out an Issue already please try and get in touch with a Moderator, if neither are available please feel free to poke an Admin and ask for assistance, if at this time there aren't any staff members available to help please be patient as someone will get to you ASAP. We have had numerous reports of Civilians abusing Probation Moderators and Moderators because they weren't happy with a decision made by them and asking to speak to a higher up staff member (Admins). If you are being assisted by a Probation Moderator or Moderator in Help Desk for any reason at all we ask that do you remain calm and don't yell or abuse the Staff Member helping you because we will advise the Probation moderator or Moderator to not help you.


Probation Moderators and Moderators are still staff, just because they aren't Admin it doesn't mean you can treat them any different, every member of staff from Probation Moderator right up to Server Owner are 1 team. If you come to Help Desk please speak to a Probation Moderator or a Moderator first as it's their job to run Help Desk, If at any time you need to speak to an Admin please ask a Probation Moderator or Moderator to get in touch with us and ask if we are free.

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