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Medic Standard Operating Procedures

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Standard Operating Procedures

Written By:

Brodie & Kitty

1.      General Medic Rules

2.      Equipment Management

3.      Uniform

4.      Vehicle Usage

4.1.   General Vehicle Rules

4.2.   Land Vehicles

4.3.   Air Vehicles

4.4.   EMS Vehicle Codes

5.      Radio Comms

6.      Reviving

6.1.   Revive Priority List

6.2.   Reviving in Various Situations

7.      Consequences



1.     General Medic Rules



Medic behaviour must reflect the professionalism expected from their role.


•   Medics must be in TFR channel of TS (ts.underbellyarma.com) at all times unless dealing with Staff in Help Desk

•   Medics cannot be robbed, held up, taken hostage or used as a bargaining tool (Medkits don't work for civ)

•   Medics are not permitted to enter or be around KOS zones (Red zones marked on map)

•   Medics are not to enter or revive in an active combat zone, even if requested. They must wait until combat has ceased before approaching.

•   Medics are not to take sides (this includes friends)

•   Medics cannot give Civilians supplies (Medkit, Uniforms, Vehicles, etc.)

•   Medics cannot participate in any illegal or criminal activities

•   Medics cannot receive, pick up or use any firearm of any kind

•   Medics must always Role Play

•   Medics must not meta game

•   Medics are not permitted to be in any lockdown zone at all. If in an area when it is locked down, they requested to change to a different location

•   Medics must only revive players if a player requests an EMS revive

•   EMS are not permitted to revive a down Civilian at the request of the Police Force so the Police Force can restrain the Civilian

•   EMS can choose to reject a request to revive someone who is down, if a Civilian threatens you to revive them, you have every right to reject their request. *if the request is in breach of the rules



2.     Equipment Management


2.1.  Equipment Management

Medics are required to carry around at all times a minimum of:

•   1 Medkit

•   1 First Aid Kit

•   2 Toolkits

•   Personal Food & Water

•   Medic Issue Backpack

•   10 Lollipops

•   Standard Uniform

•   Radio (AN/PRC - 152)


N.B. Medics are responsible for their own equipment. Under no circumstances are medics allowed to distribute Medkits or any article of the Medic Uniform to any member of the public, whether civilian, rebel or police. Doing so will be dealt with accordingly by Medical Command and Executive Ranked Medics. Lollipops may be distributed in RP situations ONLY.



3.     Uniform


3.1.  Uniform

It is compulsory for all medics to wear their uniform at all times. Standard uniform consists of EMS Uniform and Medic Pack in the clothing shop. The cap and face mask are optional but are recommended.


EMS Uniform

Must be worn at all times

Medic Backpack

Must be worn at all times

Blue Standard Cap

Optional – Can be substituted with hats from Donator

Face Mask

Reserved for Medical RP and Zombie Apocalypse


4.     Vehicle Usage


4.1.  General Vehicle Rules

•   Medics must follow and obey all road rules.

•   Medics are not permitted to operate any non-medic vehicle.

•   Medic cars cannot be offered to civilians or rebels for use.

•   Medic vehicles cannot be stolen.

•   Proby medics cannot offer ride-alongs.

•   Medics are only permitted to speed over the limit if attending an EMS emergency scene.

•   Giving someone a repair or a ride back into town is permitted (unless they are wanted by the AFP)

•   Medics must pass a wings test before operating any air vehicle (talk to a senior medic or above)


4.2.  Land Vehicles

Proby Medics and Standard Medics are only permitted to use GMC Ambulance, SUV and Truck Boxer as a form of transport. Medics are not to use any other vehicle as a form of transport to treat patients if access to aforementioned vehicles is available. Only in Extreme Circumstances* are medics permitted to drive unauthorised vehicles.

Hatchback Sport is only allowed to be driven by Medical Supervisor rank or above (See Vehicle Matrix below).

(*Extreme Circumstances Criteria is provided further on. See section 6.3 for further information)



4.3.  Air Vehicles

Under no circumstances are Medics permitted to use helicopters unless they have passed their wings test and have been authorised to fly (See Vehicle Matrix below). Medics may only use helicopters under the following conditions:

•   Requested Patients are a Minimum of 3 Kilometres from the nearest Hospital Spawn.  

•   Requested patient is in an otherwise unreachable location (E.g. On top of an inaccessible building)



Medic Rank

Truck Boxer

All Ranks

SUV Ambulance

All Ranks

GMC Ambulance

All Ranks

Hatchback Sport

Medical Supervisor and above

MH-9  Hummingbird

Medic and above – Must have wings

Rescue Helicopter

Senior Medic and above – Must have wings


4.4.  EMS Vehicle Codes


Code 1 – No lights or sirens

A non-urgent routine response

Patrolling cities, responding to broken down vehicles

Code 2 – Lights and intermittent siren

An acute but non-time critical response

Responding to injury/serious situation, search & rescue with no deaths

Code 3 – Lights and continuous siren

Urgent priority response

For any death including search & rescue with casualties




5.     Radio Comms


5.1.  Radio

All Medics must have an AN/PRC-152 radio on them at all times. Standard Medic Frequency is set at 100 and must never be changed unless improper use of that channel occurs; (E.g Civ trolls - In these circumstances, request an admin to listen in on the frequency and deal with the offender's. Return to Medic Frequency as soon as possible)


6.     Reviving


6.1.  Revive Priority List

1.           Medics

2.           Police Officers

3.           Civilians (civs who have no weapons or illegal clothing)

4.           Outlaws


6.2.  Reviving Procedures in All Situations

When reviving a person you must:

        Assess the circumstances – Medics cannot enter a combat situation; they must stand by and wait until gunfire has ceased before proceeding, even if requested by those in control

*         If death occurred in combat, txt those who are in control of the situation and ask if you may enter the area. Clarify the individuals who will be revived. Medics must listen to requests (E.g. if you are told not to revive an individual or gang, you must comply)

        Send a txt to those who died, informing whether you are able to respond

(E.g. ‘A Medic is on the way to help you’ OR ‘The situation has been deemed too dangerous to enter’ OR ‘I have been instructed not to assist you’)

       Dispatch with a Code 3 vehicle

        If the patient has been in a car crash or suffered gunshot wounds, assert that they should be taken to a hospital to receive necessary medical assistance.




7.     Reprimands & Consequences


The Medic Standard Operating Procedures must be adhered at all times when Medics are online. Failure to comply with Medic SOPs will be dealt with accordingly by Medical Command and Executive Ranked Medics.


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