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Massive go Cart Race

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On a certain Date at a certain time, A gocarting event could be held at the go-cart track, where there is a big race with all civilians,  (IDK what one)

Basically the goal is to get as many people at one place at once and have a massive race, to join the event everyone has to line up their go carts, a camera man and someone else will go along one by one, giving each person their final words before the race and give their entry fee to the interviewer. after everyone will have to line up on the small track.

It will be 5 laps, giving people time to catch up from the back and people at the front to crash and make the race more even.

It will all be recorded by the camera man with the interviewer and then a camera angle looking down onto the track, in editing there will be a commentator of the race. A pole can be conducted of who would be the commentator but even if you are voted, you don't have to do it. The winners can stand on a podium of some sort and have their speeches while being handed the winning money which is from the the entrance fees or even UnderBelly tokens. This could be uploaded to youtube as almost an ad for the server and it would be heeps of fun. 

There are only a couple of Rules; 

- No guns / robbing

- only go carts

- no VDM

- no repair kits

- Must have RP


also EMS may need to be on standby and police just in case of people not following rules or trolling and most likely to have a death.


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Sounds like a fun mini event. I will try and get this setup this week.

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