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Mike heights

Ban appeal

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I should be Un-banned because i did not advertise on the server. 

I said i was making a server and that automatically assumes that i'm stealing players and telling them to join my server. But i didn't tell anyone to join or leave this server and i feel unfairly banned, My ban message said: <18:11:40> You are banned permanently. Reason: "good bye STOP BEING A DICK THANKS and trolling"
I don't know how that makes me advertise on the server.
 if i did advertise on the server i want the proof that i did and if you have the proof i kindly accept that i did.
I did not advertise on the server.

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You actually threatened to ddos the server, you sent a steam msg to Brodie saying so. 

The ban msg has nothing to do with you advertising in fact you weren't banned for that! 

The fact your working on a server is the main reason you won't be un banned now.  The likelyness that you will advertise this server at some point  is fairly high.



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well no one knew that you were working on a sever until you told someone.

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