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Storage Crates

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Hey there, 
I've already tried chasing this up with one of the proby mod's (Can't remember a name straight out, I'd remember if I saw it), and RiverWolf. 

The issue I'm having is the placement of storage crates, I own a few single story houses, and I only ever seem to be able to place 1 crate in each of them, where I should be able to place 2 crates. I can place the first one fine, but when I place a second, it tells me that I can't place any more in that house. 


I've tried placing in odd places, after restarts, etc, can't seem to get a second to place in any house I've tried. I've even bought a house just to try it (the maid bills me for cleaning this house at a discount as no one lives there). 

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Hey Turboman, I'm sorry to hear about your house issues. I know this is an issue for a few players and there's a multitude of potential ways to resolve it with some just being luck and others being a formal procedure. 

I'm glad you've mentioned the things you have done for clarification.

My understanding is the house radius is smaller than the building itself, thus reducing the areas you can place a crate. 

In some instances, the first or second crate disappears in a puff of smoke which is relinquished after a relog/server restart (not 100% sure which and to what likelihood the crate will reappear)

Other times, it disappears in a puff and is returned to your inventory.

Still other times an error message may occur saying there are no houses nearby. In these cases, choosing a different room can help. If not, removing all crates, selling the house and then waiting for the restart to repurchase will reset it and let boxes be put down (take screenshots of each step so you can be reimbursed for the money lost from the sale/purchase)

My best advice it to contact a head admin or above (someone with DB access) who can look at the house and see if the crate has duplicated itself or glitched in any way. Best arranging & doing this 20-30mins before a restart and getting the DB to be reset/adjusted and then waiting for a restart to set it in stone. My understanding is that this would be the most likely fix, but as a person with limited game knowledge, this advice should be taken with a grain of salt and is in no way a certain fix =]

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While I was talking to River, he was looking and had identified the house I'd mainly tried it in, and then the secondary house I'd bought for the specific purpose of seeing if I could place a second crate in it (Sadly I could not, and now have 2 houses about 100M apart that I have to run between for storage reasons), he said he was looking into it at the time, but never gave me any actual definite indication as to what the issue actually was. 

I had tried in multiple rooms of 2 separate houses, only to get the same issue. Either the "House not found message" Or the "You are not able to place more storage crates in this house" message. Which is somewhat annoying, considering it's doing it to 2 seperate houses. 

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