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  1. Medics cannot be robbed or held up (med kits don't work for civ)
  2. Medic's are not premitted to enter or be around KOS zones (Red zones marked on map)
  3. Medics are not to take sides (this includes friend's)
  4. Medic's are not to revive in a active combat zone.
  5. No criminal activity is to be premitted.
  6. Medic cannot give Civ's supplies (medikit - FAK's ext)
  7. Medics cannot take or hold any firearm of any kind.
  8. Medics cannot use firearms. 
  9. Medics must always Role play.
  10. Medics cannot be taken hostage or used as a bargaining tool.
  11. Medics must not meta game 
  12. Medics are not permitted to be in the lockdown zone at all. And are requested to change to a different location.
  13. Medics can not participate in illegal activities.
  14. Medics must only revive players if been requested to do so.
  15. if there are less than 5 cops on at a time and there is a bank in progress the Police Force are allowed to return the situation once after they die.
  16. EMS are not permitted in an Active Combat Zone at all, no matter the request.
  17. EMS are not permitted to revive a down Civilian at the request of the Police Force so the Police Force can restrain the Civilian.
  18. EMS can chose to reject a request to revive someone who is down, if a Civilian threatens you to revive them, you have every right to reject their request.

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