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    • Afterglow

      Aussie's Twitch Stream   28/10/16

      Watch Aussie work on the Australia Map  https://www.twitch.tv/ausisland
    • Shibby

      Server Rule Changes   04/01/17

      A few rules have changed/amended, please look at the amendments list and get familiar with the new changes, Cheers   http://underbellyarma.com/index.php?/topic/1360-amendments-list/#comment-7506  
    • Brodie

      Weapon Mod Pack Change   19/01/17

      We are changing our Weapon Mod Pack from CUP Weapons to NIArms. Refer to http://underbellyarma.com/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F1705-weapon-mod-pack-change%2F .    
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  1. Revive priority list
  • Medics
  • Police officers
  • Civillans (civs who have no weapons illegal clothing)
  • Outlaws


  1. Listen to who ever is in control of the situation (whoever is winning)
  2. Medics must listen to requests (do not revive (insert name or gang)
  3. Medics must be in Teamspeak (ts.underbellyarma.com) in the designated medic channels provided at all times. (unless dealing with staff in help desk)
  4. If a patiant has suffered gun shot wounds or a car crash you should recommend that they should be taken to the hospital to be fully checked out.

Bbreaking any of Medic rules will result in a three strike system 
1 - warning
2 - demotion and possiable temp ban 
3 - blacklisted

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