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AFP/SRG Firearms Challenge

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As the majority of you know, the AFP held a server event tonight that went for about 2 hours. The event was a shooting competition that went of a point system from accuracy and range. There was a total of 15 competitors through out the event, with some scores being much higher than anticipated. These scores are as followed:


15. Connor Twinkletoes: 0

14. AFP Comm. Karma: 3

13. [PTC] Matacus: 4

12.  Frederic McGillan: 6

11.  [BNG] Victor: 8

10. AFP Sconst. Darcy: 9

9. AFP Const. Nova: 10

8. James Jalal: 11

7. Frankie is Ozzy: 12

6. [PCT] Cybersiege: 13

5. AFP Sgt. Aidoz: 14

4. AFP Cdt. Kkaay: 15

3. [DEF] Kitty_Fire: 19 

2. AFP DComm. StellarChief: 24

1. AFP SConst Sammy: 26


With these scores, the top 5 will be having the final showdown of who has the better aim tomorrow night, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes being handed out by myself.

1st prize - 5 mil

2nd prize - 2.5 mil

3rd prize - 1 mil


A big thank you for everyone that came tonight. I was very pleased on how it all happened and very impressed at the skill you all have (except Karma ;)). Massive thank you to our EMS and Darcy/Sammy for being live targets.


The winner will be announced tomorrow, so please come up to spectate our competitors. The event will be held at SRG training again.

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A few days late of informing the results but here they are.


1st place with 17 points - StellarChief

2nd place with 17 points - Sammy

3rd place with 16 points - Kitty


1st place was settled down by a 1v1 with 44. Magnums resulting in StellarChief as the Victor. The prize pool was handed out and all ended well. (Except sammy who was killed by me . . . Again)

Thank you all who attended as the finalists and those who came up to spectate. Very much appreciated.


See you all next time!

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We had such an awesome time!! Shout out to the PCT guys who came to cheer on their team.

Lots of laughs and some surprises.

I have to say I expected to get 0 points, so big thank-you to everyone for teaching me how to read gun stuff cuz I still have no idea what I'm doing =P 

Awesome event, something different and a good way to test skills. Bring on the next one!! =D

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Didnt join in as i dont join in on events but everyone that attended has said how fun it was, Goodjob on providing such a good event.

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