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Underbelly - The Social Media Links

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Hey All,

In an effort to help promote the Server the Staff team has pushed forward with the creation and updating of the Social Media, we now have :-


Twitter - https://twitter.com/Underbelly_Arma

A new YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZeP52k_IuSsXOB76qmb0lA

Steam Group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/underbelly#events/586991182163919505


The Facebook page is next for a face lift, and the Social media content will be ramp way up. If your making Videos, keen to help out promote the Server, on Twitter or FB

and want to keep in the loop, reply below and follow us on all the UB Social Media. A Steam Group that is active that you can receive Event invites, reminders for things that

are going on (Cop training/meetings, Events, EMS meetings, Staff Meetings, Gang Meetings (TBA) ) will all be setup as a Private invite group for UB Players, you wont receive

spam or unwanted player invites from it, it will all be moderated. 


Every one of us that is passionate about the Community, and want to see it grow, this is a call to you, to step forward, get involved and help us grow. Lets leave all the Trolls and

negative stuff behind, step forward past it into the Sun, and help our Community grow into what it should be, the Number One Arma 3 RP Server in Oceanic Arma. 


Then we will work on the World... :-)


- Spectral 



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Posted (edited)

Good to see some action on the promotion front. Personally, I was introduced to Arma and more specifically Vendetta via Vertiigo who played on Vendetta. During this period there was an evident influx in players without Vertiigo even advertising the server name or IP at all during his videos or in the description. Understandably, an Australian dedi is costly, though with frequent donations, I imagine server costs are well covered. Therefore I propose that remaining funds be put into promotion, whether that is paying an Australian YouTuber to create videos promoting the server or other means on advertising. This advertising will eventually pay for itself as well with a guaranteed increase in donations.

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