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  • Getting out of jail via any method other than paying bail, being broken out of Jail or using the provided escape methods.
  • Killing yourself to get out of role play. 
  • Duping items and/or money. 
  • Using hacked items. 
  • Abusing bugs or game mechanics for gain. (Glitching etc)


  • Any player found hacking will be banned immediately.
  • Scripting
  • Database Manipulation.
  • DDoS/DOS (Distributed/Denial Of Service).
  • Duping:
  • Making an exact copy of items(money) from one original item(money) usually game bugs.
  • Example, Guns being able to be picked up at the same time by two players.


  • Meta-gaming is defined as the act of using information to your advantage that was unfairly obtained outside the fair use of role play. Using any information after your death or that was obtained unfairly throughout proper role play is defined as meta-gaming and is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED and will result in punishment if caught.
  • AFTER DEATH: Using any information that was gained in your previous life is meta-gaming. The only exception to this is if a gang member or other person that has not died, informs you of the information that was gained before your death. After you die you forget all information that you have obtained in that previous life, unless subsequently revived by a medic in which you may remember information in your last life.


  • Killing anyone without a role play cause is classed as RDM. (Unless in KOS Zone)
  • Shooting a player without giving reasonable time to follow demands is considered RDM.
  • Shooting into a KOS zone (from outside the red area) is considered RDM.
  • Killing anyone with a vehicle.
  • If you are deliberately getting yourself ran over, this will result in a kick or 24 hour ban if continued.
  • Going out of your way to run someone over.


  • Blasting music in game in a manner to annoy/draw attention to yourself.
  • Mic spamming in Teamspeak I.E music/soundboards or making loud noises.
  • Excessive poking of players in Teamspeak.
  • Excessive spam chat: Example: Staff are talking and you're posting unrelated content in chat when asked to cease you still continue.





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