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if you do not comply with any of the below you will be banned at the discretion of an Underbelly staff member

  1. Any kind of racial, sexual, ideological or religious abuse. Unless all parties present are privy to your sarcasm or particular sense of humour this is unacceptable.
  2. Ignore without good reason and effort (afk, mic not working ect) any attempt made by a underbelly staff or member trying to contact you.
  3. Joining channels that you have not been invited to
  4. Trolling in bad taste (according to others in the channel)
  5. Joining Police channels if you are a civ, and joining civ Channels if you are a cop. 
  6. Record and/or save conversations without the consent of ALL present (Unless done for evidence to show to Moderators/Admins and them only)
  7. Talking over people and/or interrupting people while they are speaking is ban-able
  8. Creating memes of staff or players with out consent. 
  9. If you haven't been attended to please poke a staff member instead of switching channels to gain attention.
  10. Please do not sit in help desk if you are not apart of the situation.
  11. You are not permitted to be in help desk to listen to your mates when they need help.
  12. Please stay in Spawn Point or Sorted and Happy when switching to TFR to go into game, it's annoying when players switch to TFR from Help Desk because when you leave the game it puts you back in the last channel you were in. 


While using the Teamspeak Underbelly members will show you respect for your private communications with your friends/clan mates. Please be aware that a super admin may at any time enter your channel as an impartial and objective party in order to clarity client identities, give/revoke permissions, resolve conflict (gameplay related or otherwise) or at the previous request of a user from within the channel. 

If at any time you believe the Teamspeak may be getting DDOSed/hacked or any form of permissions abuse contact a underbelly admin or senior member immediately.  (we will do our best to investigate but without hard proof there is not much we can do) 


Do not click on suspicious links given to you by players on Teamspeak  as this can be used to get your IP address  and report to an admin immediately

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